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3L Rotovap

Lanphan 3L rotovap also known as rotary evaporators, which are widely used as science lab equipment to evaporate, distill and separate chemicals. 3L rotary evaporator is the ideal science lab instruments to concentrate and purify high temperature easily decomposed material, applied in medicine, chemical engineering, biopharmacy industries.

Science Lab Equipment, Rotary Evaporators
3L Rotovap
RE-3000E Rotary Evaporator RE-3000E Rotary Evaporator $1340.00   Details
RE-3000B Rotary Evaporator RE-3000B Rotary Evaporator $1270.00   Details
RE-301 Rotary Evaporator RE-301 Rotary Evaporator $990.00   Details
RE-3000A Rotary Evaporator RE-3000A Rotary Evaporator $1240.00   Details







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