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The ethanol extraction equipment is currently for sale, with preferential price and good service.

The ethanol extraction equipment mainly refers to a device that used to extract CBD from cannabis plant by ethanol, which is highly efficient and more and more well received.

Ethanol Extraction Equipment

What is the Ethanol Extraction Equipment?

The ethanol extraction equipment, known as centrifugal extractor as well, is a device that utilizes the centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or components of a liquid mixture. It is initially used for separating the compositions of milk, and now expands into the scientific, medical and other fields. It is a extremely popular and effective solid-liquid extraction technique, and widely used in many fields, such as the chemical engineering, petroleum, food processing, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, carbon, water treatment, nuclear energy industry and shipbuilding, and other fields. Get in Touch With Us
Industrial Centrifuge

Ethanol Extraction Equipment Constructions

The ethanol extraction equipment has a complicated system, generally consisting of six parts. Something detailed as follows.

  1. Drive System: It refers to the motor(carbon brush motor, brushless motor, variable frequency motor). It is the heart of the centrifuge and contains the electric motor, which is an important component of the centrifuge.
  2. Control System: The control system refers to the circuit board/main board, and display board. The control system is the command center of the centrifugal extraction system. The principle is the same as that of the computer. It mainly processes and controls various data.
  3. Rack/Chassis: The rack or chassis connects the centrifuge parts, which is the over of centrifuge and can protect centrifuge from being damaged.
  4. Centrifugal Chamber: The centrifugal chamber accommodates the motor.
  5. Rotor: The rotors are used to place specimen, including the horizontal rotor, angular rotor, ELISA plate rotor and cell picture rotor.
  6. Compressor (Freezer Type): The compressor (freezer type) refers to the temperature control. The centrifugal compressor is a kind of turbo compressor, which has the characteristics of the large gas volume, small volume, simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and gas pollution from oil, and many driving modes are available.

All of these parts are indispensable. They cooperate with each other and together constitute the the complete ethanol extraction equipment, which is an essential separation equipment widely used in many fields.

How does an Ethanol Extraction Equipment Work?

The working process of ethanol extraction equipment can be roughly concluded as follows. The centrifuge has a cylinder(drum) that rotates at a high speed, which is usually driven by an electric motor. After the suspension (or emulsion) is added to the drum, it is rapidly driven to rotate at the same speed as the drum, and the components within the mixtures are separated under the function of the centrifugal force and discharged separately. Generally, the higher the drum speed is, the better the separation will be. When the suspension containing fine particles is left still, the suspended particles gradually sink due to the action of the gravitational field. The heavier the particles are, the faster they sink.

Features of Ethanol Extraction Equipment

  1. The part exposed to the material (including the main axis and bottom of the drum) adopts SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel, with a sanitary treatment surface and no dead corner.
  2. Applicable temperature range: -50℃~50℃.
  3. The large sight glass can help observe the condition inside the equipment clearly.
  4. The extraction process is fully automatic, and the control panel is easy for operation. The positive and negative drums, rotating speed, working time and number of circles can be set, and the manual control can be switched. The temperature, dehy dration rotating speed and working time can be set alone.
  5. Adopting the double zippers, the filter bag can prevent material leakage. Designed for one person operation, the filter bag can realize rapid loading and unloading.

What is Ethanol and Ethanol Extraction?

The ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is a kind of organic compounds. Under normal temperature and pressure, ethanol is a kind of colorless clear liquid that is inflammable and volatile. It has a wide applications. For example, ethanol is a common fuel, solvent and disinfectant, and it can be used for producing other compounds as well. The ethanol extraction refers to a kind of method taking ethanol as the solvent to extract and purify materials, which makes use of the solubility of ethanol. It is widely used in chemical experiments, chemical purification, chemical pharmaceutical and the production of TCM medicament.

Is Ethanol Extraction Safe?

It’s commonly recognized that not only does the ethanol possess high efficiency, but also serves as one of the safest solvents used in the extraction process. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies ethanol as a Class 3 solvent, because the residual of ethanol is less than 5,000 ppm or 0.5 percent and the risk of acute or chronic intoxication during drug production is low. In conclusion, the ethanol extraction is safe.

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