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What is Air-Cooled Chiller and How does It Work?

What is an Air-Cooled Chiller? An air-cooled chiller is considered as one of the most common refrigeration systems used in a great variety of industries or for commercial purposes. Used as a single machine, it mainly refrigerates normal temperature water to a certain temperature through the chiller’s compressor in order to cool mould or machine […]

Which Solvent is Best for Extraction?

The solvent extraction is generally applicable for large-scale extraction. There are a great variety of commonly used solvents, such as ethanol, CO2, hydrocarbons. Why so many solvents used for extraction? The cannabis and hemp plant can produce more than 100 various terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, which is extremely complicated. And each of these components requires different […]

What is a Medical Freezer?

What is a Medical Freezer? A medical freezer refers to an ultra-low temperature medical freezer, also known as ultra-low temperature medical refrigerator. It is a type of medical refrigerators in the medical industry, which is regarded as a professional laboratory instrument for storing medicines that requires refrigeration. The temperature of a medical freezer generally fluctuates […]

What is the Difference between a Medical Refrigerator and a Regular Refrigerator?

A medical refrigerator, known as ultra-low temperature medical freezer or refrigerator as well, is a type of medical refrigerators in the medical industry. Although a medical freezer looks like a regular freezer or refrigerator in terms of their overall shape, actually they are completely different products in many aspects. What are Types of Refrigerators? There […]

What are Differences between Chiller and Cooling Tower?

A chiller and a cooling tower are two different kinds of cooling equipment, though both of them are capable of removing heat from liquid. Having a better understanding of their differences may help us to choose a more proper cooling system and equipment that can satisfy cooling requirements better. Let’s cover the differences between a […]