What does the freeze dryer do?

A freeze dryer is a piece of equipment used to freeze-dry food and other items. This technology can help preserve foods, herbs, medicines, cosmetics, etc. and maintain their quality, taste and nutritional value to a certain extent. Main uses for freeze dryers: Food preservation: Freeze dryers are widely used to preserve fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy […]

What can not be put in a home freeze dryer?

Home freeze dryer introduction Home freeze dryer is a convenient food processing equipment, mainly used to remove moisture from food to extend its shelf life, reduce weight, maintain nutrients and improve taste. But not everything is suitable for use in a freeze dryer. Products not recommended for use in freeze dryers: High-fat foods: High-fat foods may […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of spray dryers?

Introduction of spray dryer: Spray dryer is a drying equipment widely used to convert liquid materials into powder or granular form. Spray dryers include compressed air spray dryers, rotating disk spray dryers, pressure spray dryers, air flow spray dryers, two-fluid spray dryers, etc. Advantages of spray dryer: Fast drying speed: The spray dryer can efficiently […]

What are the advantages & disadvantages of freeze drying?

Why freeze-drying? Freeze drying is a special drying technology that freezes food at low temperatures, and then directly changes the moisture from ice to steam through reduced pressure, thereby drying the food. It is a food preservation method that can extend the shelf life of food and retain its nutritional content. Freeze dryer is a professional […]

How to freeze-dry materials using a home freeze dryer?

General operation process of freeze drying Before freeze-drying (1) Connecting the freeze dryer correctly ; (2)Adding Material into plate (liquid sample is poured directly,Solid materials are laid flat);Close the drain charge valve clockwise. (3)Putting plate into the freeze dryer. Closing the door and locking the handle;  Start freeze drying (4)Make sure the power is on correctly, then […]

Are freeze dryers the same as dehydrators?

Similarity Dehydrators and freeze dryers are both used to remove moisture from food. Both extend the shelf life of food and reduce its weight and bulk, making it easier to store and carry. Difference Freeze-drying and dehydration are two different food processing methods. There are also some distinct differences between freeze dryers and dehydrators. Here […]

What can tablet press be used for?

What is a tablet press ? A tablet press, also known as a tablet press or tablet making machine, is a device used to compress powdered or granular materials into solid blocks or tablets. The function of the tablet press is to press the material to achieve shape shaping, increase density, change material properties, etc. […]

Spray Dryer Working Principle

A spray dryer is a commonly used drying device to transform liquid materials into powder or granular form. Its working principle can be broken down into the following key steps: 1. Atomization: Initially, the liquid material is introduced into the spray chamber of the spray dryer. This liquid material can be a solution, suspension, or […]

Spray Dryer Application

Spray dryers find extensive applications in various industrial sectors due to their efficiency, controllability, and uniformity in producing powders. Here are some key application areas of spray dryers: 1. **Food Industry**: – **Dairy Products**: Spray dryers are used to produce powdered forms of dairy products like milk powder, whey protein powder, and caseinates. – **Coffee […]

From Liquid to Powder: The Art of Spray Drying

A spray dryer is an industrial apparatus used for transforming liquid materials into powder or granular form, and its operational principle involves atomizing the liquid into tiny particles, followed by drying these particles through the exposure to hot air. Here is a detailed explanation of the working principle of a spray dryer: 1. **Feedstock**: The […]