What does the freeze dryer do?

A freeze dryer is a piece of equipment used to freeze-dry food and other items. This technology can help preserve foods, herbs, medicines, cosmetics, etc. and maintain their quality, taste and nutritional value to a certain extent. Main uses for freeze dryers: Food preservation: Freeze dryers are widely used to preserve fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy […]

What can not be put in a home freeze dryer?

Home freeze dryer introduction Home freeze dryer is a convenient food processing equipment, mainly used to remove moisture from food to extend its shelf life, reduce weight, maintain nutrients and improve taste. But not everything is suitable for use in a freeze dryer. Products not recommended for use in freeze dryers: High-fat foods: High-fat foods may […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of spray dryers?

Introduction of spray dryer: Spray dryer is a drying equipment widely used to convert liquid materials into powder or granular form. Spray dryers include compressed air spray dryers, rotating disk spray dryers, pressure spray dryers, air flow spray dryers, two-fluid spray dryers, etc. Advantages of spray dryer: Fast drying speed: The spray dryer can efficiently […]

What are the advantages & disadvantages of freeze drying?

Why freeze-drying? Freeze drying is a special drying technology that freezes food at low temperatures, and then directly changes the moisture from ice to steam through reduced pressure, thereby drying the food. It is a food preservation method that can extend the shelf life of food and retain its nutritional content. Freeze dryer is a professional […]

industrial freeze dryer

Industrial Freeze Dryer Parameter Parameters  Model FDGY-0.5 FDGY-10 FDGY-20 FDGY-50 FDGY-100 FDGY-150 FDGY-200 FDGY-280 Drying area 0.5 10 20 50 100 150 200 275 (m2) Mean dehydrating amount (kg/h) 0.6 12 20 50 100 150 200 275 Size of material tray 310×540×30 745×635×30 435×555×30 540×635×30 (m) Number of material tray (pcs) 3 21 80 144 […]

Autoclave FAQs

Back Pressure Function The back pressure function refers to the establishment of a certain pressure inside the sterilizer after the sterilization process to prevent sudden pressure changes when the sterilizer door is opened. This function is mainly used in sterilizers with back pressure (also known as pre-vacuum sterilizers). During the sterilization process, the sterilizer with […]

Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer in the Mushroom Cultivation Industry

Vertical autoclave sterilizers advantages Efficient sterilization: High-pressure steam can rapidly kill microorganisms, including heat-resistant bacteria and spores. Versatility: Suitable for various types of items and equipment, such as instruments, glassware, and culture media. Thorough asepsis: Achieves a high level of sterilization within a short period, ensuring complete aseptic treatment of items. Convenience and ease of […]

Freeze Dryer- Its Uses & Application

A freeze dryer is a piece of machinery used to get rid of moisture and keep industrial, medical, and food goods safe. The product is frozen, followed by a drop in temperature and pressure that causes the frozen water molecules to instantly sublimate from ice to vapour. The material is dried and preserved as a […]

The Positive & Negative Impact Of Chiller Systems On The Environment

Chiller systems are used to provide cooling for a range of purposes by lowering the temperature of a liquid, often water. Large commercial and industrial structures including office buildings, factories, and laboratories frequently employ these systems. To cool HVAC units, industrial machinery, and other cooling-required applications, chilled water is circulated through a series of pipes. […]

Freeze Dryers: A Comprehensive Guide

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilization, is a process that involves removing moisture from a product while preserving its structure and integrity. This process is widely used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries to produce stable, shelf-stable products that can be stored and transported easily. In this article, we will explore the science behind […]