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The double layer glass reactors are currently for sale at their beat price.

The double-layer glass reactor is a bold and innovative one among existing glass reactors of Lanphan, which has combined advantages of similar products at home and abroad.

double layer glass reactor

The glass reactor series mainly contains following parts: the double-layer glass reaction kettle, a set of component cover of the glass reactor, condensers, a constant voltage funnel, a frequency conversion controller, the rotary stirring and sealing system, the stainless steel frame system, etc.

The double-layer glass reactor adopts double-layer glass design. The reaction solvent is put in the internal layer to do the stirring reaction, and different cold and heat sources (refrigerating fluid, hot water or oil) can be connected to the interlayer to do circulating heating or cooling reaction. Under the condition of the given constant temperature, the stirring reaction can be done under normal or negative pressure in a closed glass reactor, as well as the backflow and distillation of the reaction solution. It is an ideal pilot-plant and production equipment for modern fine chemical industry, bio-pharmaceutical and new material synthesis.

Product Features of Double Layer Glass Reactor

  • The kettle body is made of high borosilicate glass(G-17 material), with excellent physical and chemical properties. And it is convenient to observe the reaction liquid with a transparent kettle body.
  • The main body adopts both stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is elegant, sturdy and anti-corrosion.
  • The out layer of the stainless steel stirring rod is wrapped with PTFE, applicable for stirring a variety of solvents without pollution and corrosion.
  • The AC motor is adopted to stir, featuring stable operation, large torque, no spark and long service life.
  • The PTFE components and fluororubber sealing technology can guarantee a good vacuum degree and long service life.
  • The product is equipped with a speed governor. The rotating speed can be set through the speed control knob, intuitive and convenient.
  • The product can display the vacuum degree so that the optimal vacuum degree can be selected for materials with low boiling point.
  • With a PTFE inclined discharge valve, it’s fast and convenient to recycle solvents.

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