S212-1L Double-Layer Glass Reactor

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S212-1L double-layer glass reactor’s reaction flask volume is 1L, interlayer volume is 0.4L, stirring diameter of axle is 8mm, and the power of stirring is 40W.

Product Details

Product Parameters

Basic ParameterTypeS212-1L
Glass materialGG-17
Main supportStainless Steel
Reaction bottle volume1L
Interlayer volume0.4L
Oil in and out circulation portEnter from low port, come out from
high port
Number of reactor bottle5
Discharge outlet liftoff height30mm
Reactor reaction temperature-80-250 degree
Vacuum degree0.098Mpa
Stirring speed0-800rpm
Stirring diameter of axis8mm
Stirring power40W
Boundary dimension
Baseboard Dimension(mm*mm*mm)325*345
Package Dimension(mm*mm*mm)1200*480*400   0.23m³
Package weight(KG)32
Functional ConfigurationsSpeed adjustment modeElectric stepless speed regulation
Rotate speed display modeDigital display
Sealing modePTFE sealing, ¢50 flange stirring mouth
CondenserVertical 40*400mm, 24# standard
Dropwise adding device250ml constant voltage funnel, 24#
standard mouth
Depression device24# standard mouth reducing valve
Temperature testing tube19# standard mouth
Discharging methodInclined PTFE discharging valve, ¢60 flange mouth
Vacuum display modeVacuum meter
Stirring connecting methodUniversal joint connecting
Stirring barAnchor type and push type stainless
steel bar, covered with PTFE
Collecting deviceCan select backflow bend with collection
Anti-ExplosionAnti-explosive frequency changer,
anti-explosive electric machine EX40W  0-1400 rotate
Main frame partFrame type, spraying plastics or
Heat insulation deviceCotton insulation
Reactor temperature controlCan select digital display
Our company’s laboratory glass and laboratory instruments are independent research and development, available
for custom-made according to client requirements.

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