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  Our 5L Rotary Evaporators are competitive in the international market.

  Its main merits are compact, efficient and easy to observe, with no metal ion pollution. It’s used for laboratory test, pilot production and the extraction of valuable materials. The sealing performance is comparable to those made in foreign countries. ​

5L Rotary Evaporator

Product Features

1. Variable frequency and adjustable speed. The imported frequency converter can ensure a stable and reliable operation.   2. The PTFE and rubber are adopted as a composite sealing, which can maintain a high vacuum degree.   3. The high-efficiency condensers can ensure a high recovery rate.
4. There is an automatic switching device between the auxiliary condenser and the receiving flask. The lower port of the receiving flask is fitted with a piston, convenient to recycle solvents. The continuous feeding and materials recovery can be realized without downtime. 5. There is a vacuum gauge in the vacuum system. The optimal working vacuum degree can be selected for materials with low boiling point.
6. The water bath is controlled digitally at a constant temperature and can be both lifted and lowered.   7. Reasonable structure and exquisite materials. The mechanical structure is mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The glass components all adopt high borosilicate glass that is high temperature resistant. Sealed by rubbers, the easily damaged parts all conform to the new national standard, which is convenient for users to purchase and replace.

Tips on Rotary Evaporators' Use

  1. In the beginning, remove gas from the sealed equipment to get a partial vacuum before rotating the evaporation flask, which can prevent the evaporation flask from falling down.
  2. In the end, stop the rotation before stopping vacuum pump to prevent evaporation flask falling down or suck-back.
  3. Make sure that there is water or oil when the thermostatic water or oil bath is working.
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Rotary Evaporator

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Generally, a rotary evaporator needs to work with the chiller and vacuum pump.

The 5L Rotary Evaporator can be equipped with SHZ-95B Vacuum Pump and DLSB-5/10 Chiller.

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