R-1005 5L Vacuum Rotary Evaporator

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Product Description

R-1005 5L Vacuum Rotary Evaporator
R-1005 5L Vacuum Rotary Evaporator
R-1005 5L Vacuum rotary evaporator adopts stepless speed regulation to make glass rotary flask rotate in a constant speed, material formed a large area of balanced thin film, then the rotating flask is uniformly heated by digital thermostat water bath, evaporated under vacuum condition in a high speed, solvent steam is cooled through high-efficient glass condenser and recycled to receiving flask. R-1005 rotary evaporator is a new type rotovap of our company, we have four types for your choice: 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L.

Product Advantages

R-1005 rotary evaporator inherits the advantages of RE-1002 rotary evaporator. Besides, it has new breakthrough: 1. Vacuum manometer displays real time vacuum degree, and oil meter is shockproof. 2. Check valve control, continuously charging, it can be vacuum switched in working condition. 3. All valves use newest hand wheel valve, has good sealing, and operation is more convenient. 4. Water bath is electric lifting, lifting part uses reducing reinforcement motor, and lifting process is more stable. 6. If sudden power lost during operation, when reconnect the power, it will stop heating automatic.

Product Details

Special designed vacuum meter has high precision and good quality.
Vacuum Meter
Vacuum Meter
Main condenser and auxiliary condenser structure, double backflow snakelike condenser increase cooling area and promote cooling efficiency.
Condenser Tube
Condenser Tube
Flange connection make it easy to dismount nad has high fastening strength.
Flange connection
Flange connection
LCD screen display both temperature and rotating speed, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Product Parameters

Model R-1005 R-1010 R-1020 R-1050
Optimum ambient temperature (℃) 5~25
Power (V/Hz) Single-phase 110/60 Single-phase 220V/60HZ
Speed regulation of main engine Digital variable-frequency stepless speed regulation Digital direct current stepless speed regulation
Rotate speed of main engine (rpm) 10-140 20-130 20-110
Rotary motor 40 60 120
Temperature control (℃) Digital temperature control, constant temperature -99℃
Maximum vacuum degree (Pa) 399.9Pa(under 3mmHg)
Rotary flask (L) 5 Flange mouthØ50 10 Flange mouthØ95 20 Flange mouthØ125 50 Flange mouth Ø125
Receiving flask (L) 3 5 10 20
Condenser pipe Vertical dual coil pipe Upright, main condenser + auxiliary condenser, efficient tri-backflow condenser pipe
Evaporative capacity (L/h) Water ≥2 Alcohol ≥4 Water ≥3.2 Alcohol ≥6.5 Water ≥5 Alcohol ≥11 Water ≥9 Alcohol ≥19
Water bath pot material Stainless steel
Water bath pot size (mm) Φ280×170 Φ350×220 Φ450×250 Φ550×320
Lifting function Electric lifting Electric + manual lifting
Lifting stroke (mm) 0-150 0-160 0-190 0-180
Complete machine power (kW) 2.2 4.8 6.3 8.3
Dimension (mm) 765×400×1070 920×550×1700 1250×600×2100 1320×770×2340

Packing List

Host 1 Rotary Bottle 1
Electric Cabinet 1 Recycling bottle 1
Aluminum Backing Ring of&nbsp Special Sealing Ring 1 Evaporator Condenser Pipe 1
Sealing Gasket 1 Suction Pipe 1
Protective Pipe 3A 1 Protective Pipe 1
Thermostat Water Bath Kettle 1 Special Components (additional purchase)
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Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping

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