Ultrasonic Double Layer Glass Reactor

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The SL212 series ultrasonic double layer glass reactor adopts double-layer glass design. The reaction solvent can be put in the internal layer to do the stirring reaction, and different cold and heat sources (refrigerating fluid, hot water or oil) can be connected to the interlayer to do the circulating heating or cooling reaction. And the ultrasonic device is equipped, which can save solvent, speed up the reaction process, enhance both the extraction rate and the dissolution rate. At a constant temperature, the stirring reaction can be done under normal or negative pressure, as well as the backflow and distillation of the reaction solution. It is an ideal pilot-plant and production equipment for modern fine chemical industry, biopharmaceutical and new material synthesis.

Product Application

An ultrasonic double layer glass reactor is an ideal equipment for lab-scale and pilot tests, biopharmaceutical, new drug research and development and new material synthesis. It is primarily used in small chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, coal, electronics, building materials, light industry and other fields, or the medium and small scale production.

Product Advantages

An ultrasonic double layer glass reactor is independently researched and designed, while it imports international advanced technology. It can improve the dissolution rate and speed up the reaction process, and efficiently reduce reaction failure caused by uneven dispersing of reactants concentration. Furthermore, it serves as a green, safe and simple descaling method, which is capable of effectively removing obstinate residues inside the kettle wall.

Product Parameters

Basic ParametersModelS212-10L
 Glass MaterialGG-17
 Frame MaterialStainless steel
 Pipe Fitting MaterialSS 304
 Moving ModeUniversal casters with braking
 Volume of Reaction Flask10L
 Interlayer Volume6L
 Flange Type Oil Inlet and OutletLow in and high out
 Flask Necks of Kettle CoverPTFE seven ports
 Height of Discharge Port450mm
 Reaction Temperature of Kettle Body-80~250℃
 Ultrasonic Power2000W
 Ultrasonic Frequency20kHz
 Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa
 Rotating Speed of Stirring0-450rpm
 Diameter of Stirring Shaft12mm
 Stirring Power90W1/3
 Overall Dimension(mm*mm*mm)520*520*2000
 Package Dimension(mm*mm*mm)1370*590*800    0.65 square meter
 Package Weight(KG)98
Function ConfigurationSpeed Regulation ModeElectronic stepless speed regulation
 Motor ConfigurationLow speed booster motor, speed ratio is 3:1
 Speed Display ModeLCD digital display
 Temperature Display ModePT100 sensor digital display
 Sealing MethodMechanical seal, ¢50 flange stirring port
 CondenserVertical high efficiency double reflux condenser pipe 100*670mm
 Reflux (Distillation) DeviceReturn elbow with discharge switch, 50# ball-milling mouth
 Dropping Device1L constant pressure funnel, 40# standard port
 Pressure Reducing Device34# standard port pressure reducing valve
 Ultrasonic Device¢80 flange coupling
 Ultrasonic ControlTouch screen LCD digital display
 Temperature Measuring Tube24# standard port
 Solid Feed¢80 flange mouth with PTFE cover
 Discharge ModeOblique type glass discharge valve, ¢80 flange mouth
 Vacuum Display ModeVacuum Gauge
 Stirring Connection ModeUniversal joint connection
 Stirring RodAnchor stainless steel rod, wrapped in PTFE
Optional ConfigurationMain SupportTray type
 Receiving DeviceReceiving flask
 Explosion ProofExplosion-proof frequency, explosion-proof motor, EX180W, 0-1400rpm
 Frame PartPlastic spraying or PTFE spraying
 Insulated DeviceInsulated cotton
 Sealing PartCeramic bearing, mechanical sealing
 CondenserThe horizontal condenser can lower the overall height.
All laboratory instrument in our factory is independently researched and developed, and other laboratory instrument can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

Product Details

1. The kettle body is made of PTFE, which can avoid rupture caused by the ultrasonic vibration.

kettle body

2. The kettle body is equipped with the insulated device, featuring thermal insulation.

kettle body

3. The discharge valve, with the special design, can discharge concentrated liquid and minute amounts of solid.

discharge valve

4. The main structure adopts stainless steel and aluminium alloy, which are elegant and durable.


1. Don’t casually move driving power and directly plug in or out power supply during the operation. In case of any abnormal sound or indication, switch off the driving power immediately and troubleshoot the failure cause to avoid equipment damage.
2. It is a normal phenomenon to have some slight cavitation on the surface of tool heads after products go through the factory test.
3. There are precision components carrying high voltage in the ultrasonic device. Don’t disassemble or assemble without permission or under no guidance of professional personnel.
4. Pay attention to the case temperature of the main engine when it is used for a long time. The forced dissipation is required when the temperature exceeds 45℃ in order to ensure the normal operation of the main engine.
5. Remove the blue plastic film before use to ensure the heat dissipation. 6. It is strictly prohibited to start for a long time without load, and the no-load start shouldn’t exceed 15 seconds.


1. Q: What is the difference between ultrasonic double layer reactor and double layer reactor?
A: Based on a double layer reactor, an ultrasonic double layer reactor is equipped with the ultrasonic device. It can improve the dissolution rate, speed up the reaction process and effectively reduce the reaction failure caused by uneven dispersing of reactants concentration. It is capable of effectively removing obstinate residues inside the kettle wall as well.
2. Q: What is the glass material of the reactor?
A: The full set of glass instrument is made of GG-17 borosilicate glass, with excellent chemical and physical properties.
3. Q: What circumstance can it be used?
A: It is applicable between -80℃ and 200℃.
4. Q: Is it easy to clean receiving flasks?
A: When the ultrasonic wave acts on the liquid, the rupture of each bubble in the liquid will produce a powerful shock wave to clean and wash the inner and outer surface of the workpiece.
5. Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept?
A: Normally we accept TT, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba International Alipay, and L/C. The exact term will be discussed during the deal.
6. Q: How will you delivery these goods?
A: It will depend on your quantity. Normally we will choose International Express, sea and air transportation.
7. Q: How will you pack the product?
A: The small pieces are packed in special cartons, and the large pieces are packed in non fumigation wooden cases.

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