Home freeze dryer introduction

Home freeze dryer is a convenient food processing equipment, mainly used to remove moisture from food to extend its shelf life, reduce weight, maintain nutrients and improve taste. But not everything is suitable for use in a freeze dryer.

Home freeze dryer
Home freeze dryer

Products not recommended for use in freeze dryers:

High-fat foods:

High-fat foods may produce excessive fat during the freeze-drying process, which may lead to uneven freezing and dehydration, affecting product quality. For example, high-fat nuts (such as walnuts, almonds), nut butter, etc.

High humidity products:

Items with high humidity may be difficult to dehydrate effectively during the freeze-drying process. The main problem with high-humidity items during the freeze-drying process is that the speed of moisture detachment is relatively slow, which may lead to uneven dehydration and affect the quality of the final product.

High sugar concentration liquids:

Liquids with high sugar concentration may cause crystallization during freeze-drying, affecting the processing effect, such as some concentrated fruit juices, syrups, etc.

Dairy products:

The fat and whey in dairy products can cause problems during the freeze-drying process, so it is generally not recommended to put dairy products in a freeze dryer. Such as ice cream, cheese, etc.

Too large or too hard food:

Ingredients that are too large or too hard may cause uneven freezing and affect the dehydration effect. Large pieces of meat, for example, may be difficult to handle during the freeze-drying process because their interior may not be dehydrated sufficiently.

Other flammables, chemicals or toxic substances:

Freeze dryers are used for food processing and should not be used to handle chemicals, toxic substances or other non-food substances. Since freeze-drying involves low temperatures and vacuum environments, flammable items may create hazards during the process. For example, samples with high acidic or solvent content cannot be dried without special protective measures (please contact the service department if necessary), otherwise the freeze dryer may be corroded. Compounds containing azide may explode when reacting with copper or other non-ferrous metals. Foods containing alcohol may freeze at low temperatures.

Before using the freeze dryer, read the equipment instruction manual carefully and use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are unsure whether an item is suitable for freeze-drying, seek advice from the equipment manufacturer or relevant professionals.

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