The freeze drying is a new type of drying technology based on the principle of sublimation. The material containing water is froze at low-temperature. Then the ice sublimes and turns vapor directly. Water is lost when the vapor exhausts so the material turns dry. Nowadays, the freeze drying technology has been well-received in a great variety of fields, especially in food processing in order to obtain high quality dehydrated food. The freeze dryers are designed and developed according to the freeze drying technology.

ZLGJ-50 Freeze Dryer

What is a Freeze Dryer?

A freeze dryer is a kind of device designed and developed based on the freeze drying technology. It can be used to carry out the dehydration process in order to preserve perishable material or make the material more convenient for transport. It is mainly composed of the cooling system, vacuum system, heating system and dehumidification system.

What is a Freeze Dryer Used for?

As a new type of drying machine, a freeze dryer is regarded as a multi-purpose freeze dryer mainly used in scientific research, colleges and universities, biological pharmacy and even at home. It can be used for freezing and drying almost all products that you want to dry, such as biological agent, high polymer material, polypeptide, graphene, stem cells, fruits and vegetables, marine products, animals and plants.

ZLGJ-20 Freeze Dryer

What are the Benefits of Freeze Drying?

Compared to other traditional drying methods, the freeze drying has a great number of benefits, concluded as follows:

  1. It’s particularly suitable for heat sensitive substances, such as proteins and microorganism. It can keep the properties and biological activity of these substances.
  2. It can keep the volume and structure without concentration phenomenon due to the drying is carried out in a frozen state.
  3. It can protect some easily oxidizable substances because a freeze dryer works under vacuum condition.
  4. It’s suitable for drying some chemical products, medicals and food because a freeze dryer can minimize the loss of volatile components when it works at a low temperature.
  5. It can maintain the original properties, because the growth of microorganism and the action of enzymes can’t be carried out during the process of freezing and drying.
  6. It is capable of removing 95%-99% of the moisture so that the dried products can be preserved for a longer time without deterioration.

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