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What is a Freeze Dryer?

A freeze dryer is one of the most common and essential drying equipment, which is used to dry food ingredients by utilizing the freeze drying method. It usually consists of four components, including a drying chamber, a vacuum pump, a heat source and a condenser.

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How does the Freeze Dryer Work?

Working Principle

Freeze drying refers to the process of removing water or other solvents from frozen biological products by sublimation. Sublimation refers to the process in which a substance changes directly from a solid state to a gas state without going through a liquid state. Freeze-drying technology can preserve the integrity of the product’s biological, chemical structure and activity.

Application Field

The vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for the drying of materials, such as high-end raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine, biological, wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, food, fruits, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

Application in Cannabis Industry

For the cannabis industry, it is a very good choice whether it is the crystallization of CBD crystal or the drying and dewatering of cannabis trichome in the solvent free extraction process. The integrity of the ingredients in the freeze-dried materials can be preserved to the greatest extent. More than 95%-99% of the water can be discharged.

What is a Freeze Dryer

A freeze dryer is a cold-drying device that freezes the water-containing material into a solid state, and then sublimates the water content from the solid state to a gaseous state to remove the water and preserve the material.

Home Freeze Dryercan be used to process dry foods, fruits, etc. The aromatic components in food and fruits are some heat-sensitive compounds, and their taste or mouthfeel will be destroyed at high temperatures. Using a freeze dryer can retain its shape, taste and mouthfeel to the greatest extent.

Laboratories often need to dry some chemical substances, most of which are unstable heat-sensitive materials. Therefore, the vacuum freeze dryer is the most commonly used equipment in the laboratory.

Is the Freeze Dryer Worth Buying?

Biological Product 

Western Medicine

Chinese Herb

Medical Industry

Food Industry

Pet Food

What is the Home Freeze Dryer?

The home freeze dryer is small in size, simple in operation, and cost-effective; it is suitable for household and personal use, as well as for the research and development of new products in food factories.

Home freeze dryer can be used for fruits and vegetables to preserve their original nutrients to a large extent; it can also be used for seafood, meat, Chinese medicinal materials, etc.

the difference between Freeze Dryer and Dehydrator

Drying is one of the methods to keep the substance undamaged. There are many drying methods, such as sun-drying, boil-drying, drying and so on. But these methods are all carried out at a temperature above 0°C. The product obtained by drying will shrink in volume and harden in texture. Most of the volatile components will be lost, and some heat-sensitive substances such as protein and vitamins will be denatured. Therefore, the properties of the dried product are quite different from those before drying.

Different from the above drying methods, freeze-drying technology is the best way to dry materials. The drying of the product is basically carried out at a temperature below 0°C. Freeze-drying technology is particularly suitable for many heat-sensitive substances. For example, proteins and microorganisms will not be denatured or lose their biological vitality. Therefore, it is widely used in medicine.

Pros and Cons of a Freeze Dryer

A freeze dryer possesses both pros and cons. On the one hand, it can get rid of more than 95-99% moisture. Some easily oxidized materials can be prevented from oxidizing and can be preserved for a long time owing to the vacuum working condition . On the other hand, the freeze drying equipment is complicated and the process control requirements are relatively high, with a high energy consumption and long time for freeze drying.

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