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Vacuum freeze drying technology, also known as sublimation drying, is a method to pre-freeze water-containing material and sublimate its moisture under vacuum. The original biological and chemical properties of freeze-dried items are basically unchanged, which is easy to keep for a long time. After adding water, they can be restored to the state before freeze-drying and maintain their original biochemical properties. Therefore, vacuum freeze drying technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products and other fields.

Product Parameters

Home Freeze Dryer
Freeze-Drying Area (㎡)0.30.6
Temperature of Cold Trap (℉)-67-67
Handling Capacity (LBS/batch)7-1012-6
Baffle Size (mm)205*385220*510
Baffle Quantity (pcs)45
Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)1515
Interlayer Spacing (mm)4054
Power (W)11002300
Supply Voltage110V/220V 
Overall Dimension (mm)588*450*760700*620*1098
Weight (kg)80120

Product Details

1. The internally set preset procedures can set parameters and realize one-button start.

preset procedures

2. Adopt thickened acrylic doors, with a great intensity and high transparency.

thickened acrylic doors

3. Adopt mobile wheels, which is convenient to change locations.

mobile wheels

4. It is equipped with vacuum-pumping equipment before delivery, and customers needn’t configure other devices for use.


Product Advantages

1.Original nutrition, appearance and taste like that of fresh materials can be maintained.
2.About 97% of nutrition can be retained.
3.With a longer shelf life, the product can be preserved for up to 25 years.
4.It is suitable for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, deli food and other materials.
5.Simply operating on the touch screen can automatically complete the freeze-drying process.
6.It is more economical compared to purchasing freeze-dried food in shops.

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