ZLGJ-20 Freeze Dryer

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Pilot Freeze Dryer Description

Pilot-type vacuum freeze-drying has improved the tedious process of previous drying. It prevents material contamination and realizes the automation of drying and sublimation. This model has shelf heating and programmable functions, can memorize freeze-drying curves, and comes with a U disk extraction function, which is convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials.

Pilot Freeze Dryer Features

The door of the drying chamber and the door of the cold trap are made of aviation acrylic material, which has high strength and no leakage.

Industrial touch screen, high control precision and stable performance.

Internationally renowned brand compressors are highly efficient, energy-saving, and more stable.

Both the air valve and the water release valve adopt high-vacuum safety diaphragm pumps, which can be connected to inert gas to extend the shelf life of materials.

Manual, automatic mode selection. Manual mode is used for exploring industry; automatic mode is used for mature technology, one-button operation.

Real-time monitoring of shelf temperature, cold trap temperature, vacuum degree and other operating conditions.

There are data recording and data export functions.

The temperature control mode can be switched at any time; the temperature control mode is divided into standard and smooth temperature control.

Curves such as temperature and vacuum can be viewed at any time.

User level authority password can be set.

This machine can store 40 groups of freeze-drying processes.

This machine has defrosting function. High temperature defrosting, faster speed and higher safety performance.

Pilot Freeze Dryer Parameter

Product Model

ZLGJ-20 Freeze Dryer

Freeze Drying Area


Cold-trap Temperature

≤75℃(no load)

Ultimate Vacuum

Below 10pa (no load)

Pumping Rate


Supplementary water capacity


Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Defrosting Mode

High Temperature

Total Weight


Total Dimension


Total Power


Power Supply

220VAC 50HZ

Relative Humidity



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