RE-2010 Rotary Evaporator

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Product Description

RE-2010 Rotary Evaporator
RE-2010 Rotary Evaporator
RE-2010 rotary evaporator mainly used for continuous distillation of a large amount of volatile solvent under negative pressure. Especially for the concentration of extract liquor and distillation of receive liquid when chromatograph, it can isolate and purify reaction product. In reduced pressure condition, when solvent distillation, distillation flask in continuous rotation, the distillation flask is a pyriform or round-bottom flask who is connected to vacuum pump by a snakelike condenser pipe, the other open mouth of condenser pipe is connected to receiving flask to receive evaporated organic solvent. There is a three-way valve between condenser pipe and vacuum pump, when system connect to air, take down distillation flask and receiving flask to transfer solvent. Please reduce pressure first before rotate distillation flask; and please power off first before connect to air, to prevent the rotating distillation flask from falling off. Thermostatic water bath is the heat source for distillation.

Product Application

RE-2010 rotary evaporator mainly used in medicine, chemical engineering,biopharmacy industries for the concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery, especially suitable for concentrate and purify high temperature easily decomposed material.

Product Parts

High-efficient double condenser ensures high recovery rate.
Condenser Tube
Condenser Tube
Newest research rotary evaporator. Heating kettle is made from Teflon recombination material, whole sealing heating mode to prevent dry running, which is applicable of water and oil.
Water Bath
Water Bath
Digital display of both rotary speed and temperature is clear and convenient. Electronic stepless speed regulation operates stably; Humanized operation system makes it easy to handle.
Teflon and fluororubber are double sealed to maintain high vacuum.
Double seal
Double seal

Product Parameters

Basic ParameterModelRE-2010
Glass MaterialGG-17
Support MaterialAluminium Alloy
Inner Container MaterialAluminium alloy + Teflon recombination pot, whole sealing heating
Rotary Bottle Volume1L  24#standard port(optional 500-3000ml)
Receiving Flask Volume1L  35# ball milling port
Rotary Power40W
Rotary Speed20-195rpm
Evaporation Ability20ml/min (water)
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa
Heating Power1.5KW
Bath Kettle Temp. Control Range0-99℃
Temp. Control Accuracy±1℃
Lifting Stroke100mm+150mm(sliding lift + manual lift)
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)220V/50Hz
Overall Dimension (mm*mm*mm)550*400*(780-1040) Length*Width*Height
Package Dimension (mm*mm*mm)720*525*385
Package Weight (KG)20
Functional ConfigurationSpeed Regulation ModeStepless Speed Regulation
Temperature Display ModePT100 Sensor Digital Display
Temperature Control ModeIntelligent Temperature Control
Sealing ModeBothway sealing by Teflon + Fluorine Rubber
Lifting ModeManual weight balancing
CondenserVertical type condenser 85*430mm, inclined condenser is choosable
Continuous Charging19# charging valve
Splash-proof FunctionOrganic Transparent Cover
Safety FunctionOverload Protection (fuse)
Our company’s laboratory glass and laboratory instruments are independent research and development, available for custom-made according to client requirements.

Product Parts

Host1Rotary Bottle1
Electric Cabinet1Recycling Bottle1
Special Sealing Ring1Condenser Pipe1
Sealing Gasket1Suction Pipe1
Bottle Clamp2Charge Pipe1
Protective Pipe 3A1Protective Pipe1
Thermostat Water Bath Kettle1Special Components (additional Purchase)
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Quality Certification
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Packing and Shipping
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Support Material

Aluminium Alloy