The rotary tablet press serves as the main device for producing tablets in pharmaceutical field and even other fields. It features compact structure, stable performance, large output, easy cleaning, simple operation and other characteristics, which has extensive applications. If there is any trouble, it will seriously affect the production and bring loss to the enterprise, so it’s quite essential to expertly analyse the common failures and solve them.

How to Troubleshoot a Rotary Tablet Press?




Mechanical Part Turret a. The coaxiality of the punch hole or the die hole doesn’t meet the requirements due to long term wear. b. The turret moves up for filling or ejection. c. The die jackscrew is loose, causing that the die moves up. d. The die jackscrew doesn’t work. a. Use a reamer to ream the punch hole to restore its axiality when it’s not serious, and the turret should be replaced when it’s serious. b. Fasten the turret. c. Fasten the die jackscrew. d. Replace the die jackscrew in time.
Tram a. The trams are worn out. b. The trams are loose. c. The bridge plate of the lower tram is worn out, causing that the main body of trams are worn out by punches. a. Replace the trams. b. Fasten the trams in time and make them transit smoothly. c. Replace the bridge plate of the lower tram.
Pressure Roller a. The pressure roller is worn out. b. The bearing of the pressure roller shaft is lack of oil or damaged. a. Replace the pressure roller or its shaft in time, adjust the material and regulate the pressure again. b. Lubricate and maintain the pressure roller shaft regularly, and replace it in time once it’s damaged.
Regulation System (Pressure & Filling) a. The regulation doesn’t work. b. The filling is unstable. c. The tablets are loose or the appearance of tablets has a bad quality. d. The machine vibrates nosily during compression. a. Check the regulation handwheel and turbine. Fasten screws and lubricate the turbine. b. Replace the filling tram components, or replace the scraper. c. Regulate the pressure handwheel to increase pressure, and adjust granules and ingredients. d. Balance the pressure.
Feeding Part (Feeder & Hopper) a. The excessive gap between the turret and the bottom of the feeder or scraper leads to the leakage of powder. b. There is overflow or scarcity of material due to the flow rate of material doesn’t match with the rotating speed of turret. a. Adjust the gap between the turret and the bottom of the feeder or scraper. b. Regulate the flow rate of material according to the rotating speed of turret.
Overload Protective System a. Alarm frequently due to the pressure is overloaded or the set pressure of overload protective spring is too small. a. Regulate the pressure handwheel to reduce the pressure, or increase the set pressure of overload protective spring.
Reduction Gearbox a. The oil leaks due to the flange screws are loose or the oil seal is aged. a. Tighten the flange screws, or replace the oil seal and apply the sealant.
Die Part a. The punches are worn out. a. Replace the punches.
Electrical System a. The machine stops in a few minutes after starting up. b. The oil pump doesn’t supply oil or it supplies too much oil. c. The auxiliary power has no electricity. d. The tachometer and counter doesn’t display; the buttons, panel and axial flow fan don’t work; the alarm light is broken; etc. a. Reduce the pressure and start up again. b. Set the parameters of frequency converter again. c. Check the circuit. d. Check the circuit or replace the electric device.
Other Possible Problems Abnormal sound a. Check the condition of lubricating oil regularly if the noise is caused by the oil scarcity of reduction gearbox. b. Adjust the gap between the baffle plate and the turret if the noise is caused by slight friction of them. c. Apply lubricating oil or replace the bearing if the noise is caused by oil scarcity of some bearings or damaged bearings. d. Clean the tablet room and punches regularly if the noise is caused by inflexible rotation of punches.
Tablet weight variation a. Regulate the material formula. b. Adjust the feeder at high rotating speed or low rotating speed to satisfy the filling requirements. c. Check the die before use.
The normal operation and longer service life can create more benefits for enterprises. It is hoped that the above can be helpful to reduce losses caused by the troubles of tablet presses.

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