How to Make Distillate?

Making distillate means separating two or more kinds of solvents which are mixed in one mixture. In industry, there are so many examples of making distillate, for example, fractional distillation of cannabinoids、the extraction of alcohol and so on.

Then how to make distillate correctly confuses many users. Today let’s go through the way to make distillate together: the theory of making distillate is to separate different solvents by different states. Solvents which need to be extracted always get evaporated into gas during the process, and then get turned into liquid by condenser’s working. Then pure liquid solvents will go into receiving flasks, which is convenient for users to get.

Distillate VS. Shatter

Distillate and shatter are two similar processes. They have some similarities as well as aome differences. Both of them are used to separate substances. But differently, distillate separates substances chemically , while shatter separates substances physically. That means distillate separates solvents from one mixture, while shatter separates one mixture into several parts.

Fractional Distillation of Cannabinoids

Fractional distillation is an extraction method used to separate components from mixtures, and it is widely used in industry for extracting solvents or purifying substance. And the fractional distillation of cannabinoids is one of the examples. The fractional distillation of cannabinoids can be made by a  closed loop extractor or a rotary evaporator. In the process of a closed loop extractor’s working, cannabinoids which is soluble will be washed by ethanol and be removed out. And what a rotary evaporator’s working is totally different from a closed loop extractor is, that the extraction of cannabinoids by a rotary evaporator is made through cannabinoids’ boiling point. The extracted cannabinoids is used widely in entertainment field and medical field, for example, edible oil and medicine.

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