1L Short Path Distillation Kit

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Product Description

1l short path distillation kit
1L short path distillation kit

The short path distillation is a technique that removes solvents form mixtures through evaporation, which is mainly used for liquid-liquid separation. The principle is that the pressure difference between the boiling film and condensing surface is the driving force of the steam flow, and the minimum pressure will cause the flowing of steam. Under the 1mbar, the operation requires that there is the shortest distance between the boiling surface and condensing surface. The evaporator manufactured based on the principle is called the short-path distillation. The short-path distillation (molecular distillation) is equipped with a inside condenser which is opposite to the heating surface, and make the operation pressure reduce to under 0.001mbar. Its relative low boiling temperature is very suitable for the material with heat sensitive and high boiling point.

Product Parameters

Short-Path Distillation
Heating Capacity(ml)200050001000020000
Heating temperature(℃)Room temperature -250
Vaccuum Degree(Mpa)0.098
Working temperature(℃)5-40
Package Size450*450*600580*580*735850*850*600

Product Details

Glass parts are connected by the frosted mouth, possessing easy operation and good sealing performance. The plastic clamps are used to fix, which can avoid loose interface.


The vertical spine structure can be used for fractionation function. The vacuum sandwich is used to weaken the influence of wind and greenhouse to maintain the appropriate temperature gradient in the column.


The vacuum valve can be equipped on the micro vertical spine distiller, used for vacuum pumping.

Vacuum Valve
Vacuum Valve

The double-mouth reaction flask is adopted, with a special feeding port, which is convenient for feeding.

Product Details
Double-Mouth Reaction Flask


Product Parts

1l short path distillation kit
1L short path distillation kit
  1. Distiller
  2. Electric heating mantle
  3. Lifting support
  4. Cold trap
  5. Receiving flask
  6. Glass parts
  7. Reaction flask
  8. Thermometer

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Quality Certification

Quality Certification
Quality Certification



Additional information

Applicable Industries:

Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops

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1 Year


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