CBD Boiling Point under Vacuum

As we all know, boiling point can be changed under different circumstances. For example, when cbd which is the main component of marijuana is under vacuum, the boiling point of it will be changed. Because the boiling point of the liquid is proportional to the pressure of the space gas. So the boiling point of cbd under atmospheric pressure is 160-180°C , while the boiling point of cbd under vacuum is 156-250°C.

CBD Distillation Temperature

In industry, it is very common to make distillate through evaporation. People adjust the temperature of equipment in order to evaporate substances. The cbd distillation temperature is 156-250°C.

Complete Short-Path Distillation Kit

  1. Magnetic stirrer heating mantle: a device used to heat the neck flask
  2. Neck boiling flask: a container used to contain the sample
  3. Triple cow receiver with vacuum port: a device to separate and receive different solvents
  4. Neck round bottom flask: same to neck boiling flask, a container used to contain the sample
  5. Cold trap: a device used to condense substances
  6. Thermometer adapter: a device used to test temperature
  7. Stopper: a instrument used to stop the process
  8. Connection: a instrument used to connect the two parts in the equipment
  9. Plastic neck clamp: a clamp made by plastic material
  10. Stainless steel neck clamp: a clamp made by stainless steel
  11. Boss head clamp: used to fasten the holding rod H 38 to the support rod H 16 V
  12. Finger adjustable clamp: a clamp which is adjusted
  13. Chain clamp: used to make things tight and firm
  14. Gram packet of dielectric silicone compound: one compound used for the process

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