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Questions on falling film evaporator

  Questions on falling film evaporator 1. The falling film evaporator suddenly stops evaporating, and then the evaporating output concentration is getting lower. This type of failure is generally a slow process, and the main cause of such failure is the loosening or cracking of the joint between the upper and lower tube sheets and the […]

Falling film evaporator function

  The parts and function of falling film evaporator Feed part: where users put in the sample materials through a small horizontal pipe Heat part: which is to heat the sample materials in order to separate solvents in the mixtures through their different boiling points, in this part, users can adjust the temperature of heating part […]

Construction of falling film evaporator

  Construction and operation of evaporators Due to the need of substance’s extraction and concentration in industrial field, there are so many types evaporators in marketing. Even though there are so many different types of evaporators, their construction are very similar. Generally, the construction of evaporators includes a heat exchanger to heat the sample substances, a […]

Falling film evaporator cleaning

  Chemical cleaning of evaporators Cleaning is one of the most essential parts in evaporators’ using. Because a high-quality cleaning can guarantee the quality of evaporators’ working, which is related to the extraction and concentration of sample substances. The evaporator circulating cooling water contains a large amount of salt substances, corrosion products and various microorganisms. Since […]

Falling film evaporator advantages and disadvantages

  Falling film evaporator advantages Falling film evaporator is widely used in industrial, chemical, biochemical, and other fields. Falling film evaporator is so popular in the market because it has several essential advantages, they are as follows: 1) The material in the heat exchange tube is in the form of a film and has a fast […]

How does a falling film evaporator work

  Falling film evaporator principle In industrial field, there are always some substances which need to be extracted or concentrated. Therefore, there are also so many devices or techniques for achieving the extraction or concentration of substances. Falling film evaporator is one of the concentrating devices, which is to separate heat sensitive substances through their different […]

falling film evaporator operation process

operation process: 1. The first step is to remove the gas in the equipment to create a vacuum environment and after the vacuum degree is enough, feed water in replacing materials. When water is running smoothly (the water in the evaporator increases with the increasing in walk, surface evaporation indoor materials are not higher than […]