What is the Centrifugal Separator?

The centrifugal separator refers to a separation device that can separate materials of different densities and phases by utilizing a centrifugal force. The centrifugal force is generally determined by the rotating speed and the distance from the center of rotation to the subject.

How does a Separator Work?

Generally, the basic principle of a separator is the sedimentation principle. There are two kinds of mixture, including solid mixture and liquid mixture. What a separator can do is to separate the different kinds of substances within the solid mixture and liquid mixture.

centrifugal separator
centrifugal separator

How does a Centrifugal Separator Work?

A centrifugal separator works through centrifugal force, gravitational force, and inertial force in order to separate two or more kinds of substances apart. This kind of machine applies for the liquid mixture, solid mixture and even gas mixture. Solid mixture can split up by the gravity effect,while solid and liquid mixture can split up by the centrifugal force. Besides, inertial force also plays a very important role in a centrifugal separator’s working process. And users need to pay attention to spread the weight of the materials across the whole machine.

Where are Centrifugal Separators Used?

A centrifugal separator can be used in many fields, such as chemical engineering, industrial factories, chemical labs, food-making field and some other fields. For example, there are always four parts used in oil and gas of a separator’s liquid accumulation section, including liquid level controller , dump valves, control valves and sight glasses.


centrifugal separator
centrifugal separator

What is the Function of Separator?

A separator is a machine that separates mixed substances into two or more different kinds of substances. There are mainly two kinds of separators, including centrifugal separators and electrostatic separators. To maintain a good separation effect, the separator’s liquid level and pressure needed to be controlled.Oil-gas separators and oil-gas-water three-phase separators are widely used in oil field transfer stations and joint stations.

centrifugal separator
centrifugal separator

In Which Industrial Process is Centrifugal Separator Used?

According to the structure and separation requirements, the separator is only suitable for separating low-concentration suspensions and emulsions, including disc separators, tube separators and chamber separators.The ratio of the centrifugal force to the gravity of the separated material in the drum and its gravity is separation ratio. The larger the separation ratio is, the faster the separation and the better the separation effect will be.

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