Both bag filters and cartridge filters can be used in the filtration process. As sediment filters, both of them can be used for removing small or large debris from liquid, and some of them can be even used for gas filtration. Although they have some similarities, there are some essential differences between them that can’t be ignored, which will be helpful for people to choose a appropriate filter. Let’s cover their differences in the following part.

What is a Bag Filter?

Bag Filter
Bag Filter

A bag filter is regarded as a type of multi-purpose clarification and filtration equipment that have a relatively small loading of particles to be removed. It features novel structure, small volume, energy conservation, high efficiency, simple, flexible and enclosed operation. As a kind of pressure filtration equipment, it is primarily composed of filter cartridge, filter cartridge cover, quick opening mechanism, stainless steel reinforced mesh of filter bag and other components. It adopts side in and side out method or side in and bottom out method. The filtrate flows into the filter bag by the lateral inlet pipe of the filter shell.

What is a Cartridge Filter?

A cartridge filter is a kind of modular filter. It can be used in various industries for removing particles, pollutants, and chemicals from liquids. Either a pleated fabric or a screen are used for filtering liquids and chemicals in the filtration process. The cartridge is exposed to liquids that requires filtration. There are mainly two types of cartridge filters, which are surface filters and depth filters. The former don’t let the pollutants enter through the medium. They restrict them outside the filter media. The latter trap pollutants within the media.

Bag Filter VS. Cartridge Filter

Both bag filters and cartridge filters are commonly used filters with filtering cartridges. Their main difference is the material for filtering. A bag filter adopts the bag for filtration, while a cartridge filter uses the cartridge for filtration.

For a bag filter, different cleanliness can be reached by replacing filter bags with various accuracy. For a cartridge filter, it is required to replace cartridges with various accuracy for different cleanliness. The filtration accuracy of cartridges includes 5um, 10um, 30um, 50um and so on.

What’s more, a bag filter generally has a lower initial cost than a cartridge filter. But a cartridge filter has more benefits compared to a bag filter in the long run, such as long service life. They are suitable for different industrial processes, so an appropriate filter should be chosen according to specific needs and operating conditions.

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