Vertical Steam Sterilizer Description

Vertical pressure steam sterilizer (LS-35HD, LS-50HD, LS-75HD, LPLS-100HD, referred to as sterilizer) is a device that uses saturated steam to sterilize items.

The sterilization chamber structure of this type of sterilizer is a single-layer structure, the steam supply is heated by an intrusive electric heating tube, the gas replacement method is a lower exhaust type, the sealing structure type is a beam structure, and the control method is microcomputer control.

The vertical pressure steam sterilizers are assembled with heating system, micro-computer controlled system, over heat and over pressure protection system, which are reliable for the sterilizing effects, convenient of operation and energy conservation. They are ideal equipments for clinics, scientific research insititutes and other organizations to sterilizer surgical instruments, fabrics, glasses, culture media etc.

Vertical Steam Sterilizer Features

l .Fully stainless steel structure.

2.Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure.

3.Door safety lock system.

4.LCD display of working status,touch type key.

5.Auto discharge the cool air,and steam discharging auto matically after sterilization.

6.Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection.

7.Safe protection of water lacking.

8.Self-inflating type seal.

9.Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.

10.Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

11.With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets.

12.With drying system.

The vertical pressure steam sterilizer consists of a shell, a sterilization barrel, a steam generator, a microcomputer control system, and a power supply system.

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