tablet counter

Tablet Counter Description

The Electronic Tablet Counter is a stable electronic counting device. The core components and control system of the equipment are all imported original accessories. The machine is mainly composed of loading hopper, vibration conveying, photoelectric sensor, dust storage, man-machine interface and so on.

Tablet Counter Features

Good Compatibility: Counting and bottling of solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets, capsules, and pills can be performed. High Dust Photoelectric Sensing Technology: It can also work stably in the case of high dust. Prevent Clogging: The leak nozzle with special structure can prevent medicine from being blocked. Medicine bottles with small openings can also be filled quickly. No Material Loss: The output is uniform and stable. No damage to materials; ensure accurate bottle filling. Detection Function: It has multiple detection and alarm control functions.

Tablet Counter Parameter

Product Name


Electronic Tablet Counter


10~500ml Round and square plastic bottles


Filling Object


00~5#Capsules, Softgels

Φ5.5~20Plain tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets,



Production Capacity



(Related to bottle specifications, filling volume, and drug specifications)


Bottle Volume Setting Range



Power Supply


AC220V 50Hz 0.6kw




>99.5‰(better than industry standard)


Gas Source












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