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What is a vacuum pump


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Diaphragm vacuum pump

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Working principle

  Vacuum pump is supposed to remove gas with high-speed and high-efficiency from sealed containers, in order to achieve the purpose of generating, improving and maintaining vacuum. The working principle of a vacuum pump is that rotor rotates along the inside of the pump wall. The fixed wing will go down. When the rotor reaches the oil surface, air will get compressed. The compressed air pressure is higher than the outside atmospheric pressure and then discharged from the exhaust port.

How vacuum pump works

According to the working principle of vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps can basically be divided into two types, namely gas capture pumps and gas transfer pumps. Gas trapping pump reduces the number of gas molecules in the container to achieve the purpose of pumping through gas molecules that are adsorbed or condensed on the inner surface of the pump. Gas transfer pump achieves the purpose of pumping through gas that can continuously suck and discharge gas.

Vacuum pump types

According to the working principle, the gas-delivery vacuum pump can be divided into rotary vane, slide valve, fixed vane, trochoidal, multi-chamber rotary vane,dry screw, liquid ring, roots vacuum pump, traction molecular pump, turbo molecular pump, compound molecular pump, liquid jet vacuum pump, gas jet vacuum pump, steam jet vacuum pump, self-purifying diffusion pump, fractional diffusion pump, diffusion injection pump, ion transport pump.

vacuum pump troubleshooting

Insufficient vacuum: it can not reach the ultimate vacuum of a vacuum pump

Check if there is air leakage and drain compressible steam from non-pump oil contamination. Replace rotor and spring with new, and clean rotor and pump cavity. Check the exhaust valve and change it if necessary.

The oil leakage of a vacuum pump, which is one of most common questions of a vacuum pump

Replace worn-out oil pumps, shaft seals, gaskets, and vacuum pump accessories such as felt pads that have been filled with pump oil, and keep the oil tank clean.

The abrasion of a vacuum pump’s bearing, which is a common question of a vacuum pump

Replacethe original imported vacuum pump accessories, which can fundamentally solve the problem. Make sure to use original parts or imported vacuum pump parts of good quality for replacement.

Corrosion, which includes overall corrosion and partial corrosion

Make sure to use high polymer composite material on the surface of the vacuum pump, which has very good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and adhesive properties.