A rotary evaporator is an indispensable equipment for evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, and solvent recovery in many fields, and it is mainly used for continuous distillation of large amounts of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. Giving consideration to its importance, it’s necessary to learn something about common failures and simple troubleshooting of rotary evaporator, which will be discussed in the following.

Failures and Troubleshooting of a Rotary Evaporator

1. The power indicator light doesn’t work when turn on the power switch. There are three possible reasons. Firstly, the power cord isn’t connected or is connected incorrectly. Secondly, the power switch fails. Last but not least, the circuit board fails. If it’s the first reason, the solution to this trouble is that the power supply should be turned on correctly. If it’s the second or third reason, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer immediately. 2. The power indicator light works but the rotary evaporator doesn’t rotate. There are three possible reasons as well. The bearing may russt, or there is a malfunction of the motor or the circuit board. Once it happens, stop using immediately and contact the manufacturer. 3. There is an abnormal sound in using. The possible reasons can be concluded as follows. The internal gear may wear, or the driving section lacks of oil, or the motor fails, or the sealing ring wears. If it’s one of the first three reasons, stop using immediately and contact the manufacturer. If it’s the last reason, just replace the sealing ring. 4. There is an abnormal lifting. There are two reasons for the trouble. One is the failure of the circuit board or the motor, and the other is that the bearing for lifting may rust or wear. More Information for Reference
Failure Cause Troubleshooting
Connect the power supply, the power indicator lamp doesn’t light or LCD panel does not light. Check the power line and find out whether it’s disconnected or misconnected. Connect the power line.
Failure of power switch. Replace power switch.
Failure of circuit board. Stop using immediately and contact us.
The power indicator lamp lights or rotation allows identifier lights, but does not rotate. Failure of motor.
Failure of circuit board.
The heating outputs, but not warming up. The solid state relays fault. Replace the solid state relays
Heater fault. Replace heater.
The temperature display shows up□□□ The bath of temperature measurement sensor short circuit or open circuit. Check sensor and wiring.
The temperature display shows “Er-1”,ALM1 identifier lights The bath of temperature measurement sensor short circuit or open circuit. Check sensor and wiring.
The temperature display shows “Er-2”,ALM1 identifier lights The bath of protection sensor short circuit or open circuit.
The temperature display shows “Er-3”,ALM1 identifier lights The bath of protection sensor exceeds the set value. Restart the power switch.
The speed display shows “Er-1”,ALM2 identifier lights. Power module fault. Remove the rotary bottle, no-load operation. The fault has not been lifted, discontinue use immediately and contact the company.
The speed display shows “Er-2”,ALM2 identifier lights. Motor stall.
The speed display shows “Er-3”,ALM2 identifier lights. Holzer logic error.
The speed display shows “Er-4”,ALM2 identifier lights. Bus voltage under voltage. Check the power supply voltage value.
The speed display shows “Er-5”,ALM2 identifier lights. Bus voltage over voltage.
The speed display shows “Er-6”,ALM2 identifier lights. Serial communication fault Stop using immediately and contact us.
Abnormal noise Abrasion of seal ring. Replace the seal ring.
Abrasion of internal gear. Stop using immediately and contact us.
Lack of oil in drive part.
Failure of motor.
Leakage of pressure and poor degree of vacuum Abrasion of glass rotary shaft. Replace the glass rotary shaft.
Abrasion of seal ring. Replace the seal ring.
Improper installation of seal ring (Opposite direction) Remount the seal ring.
Aging of the seal ring of pressure-relief air tap. Replace the air tap seal washer
Aging of vacuum hose. Replace the vacuum hose.
Abnormal lifting Failure of circuit board or motor. Stop operating immediately and contact us.
Abrasion or rusting of sliding bearing.

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