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2020 Latest Glass Reactor – Buying Guide

The glass reactor plays a role as a reaction material in laboratory instruments and is often used by modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments and other industries.In using of the glass reactor, they are divided into two-layer glass reactor, single-layer glass reactor, and high-pressure reactor.And these reactors have the function of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof.In […]

Henan Lanphan provides the way to use 1L glass reactor for you

1L glass reactor is mainly used for mixing and synthesis reaction of small weight materials in the laboratory. It can be used together with vacuum pump, chiller and bath to form a complete vacuum constant temperature experimental environment. Today, henan Lanphan will provide the use and installation of 1L glass reactor for you. 1、Check whether […]

What should be paid attention to when using the glass parts of the professional glass reactor?

Professional glass reactor is a common biochemical laboratory instrument which is widely used in modern fine chemical ,biopharmacy,scientific research experiment.professional glass reactor can be used for concentration,reflux,seperation,purification,distillation and other experiments which is an ideal instrument for teaching,manufacture and experiment. In order to enable you to use the professional glass reactor safely,the precautions of using the […]

What is glass reactor used for?Summary of the use of glass reactor.

As a glass reactor manufacture ,we are very familiar with the uses of the glass reactor.but for the customs who are new to glass reactors they may be wonder what glass reactor are used for?So today, Henan lanphan will summarize the use of glass reactor for you. I hope this article can remove your doubts […]

Where is the structure drawing of the glass reactor? Glass reactor structure details

The capacity of glass reactor ranges from 1L to 200L,and the main components are fragile glass pieces.considering the convenience of the packing and the safety of the transport,the reactors are usually divided into parts for packaging.when customs receive the goods,a piece of glass reactor structure diagram is needed to guide the installation.with the overall glass […]