As a glass reactors’ manufacturer, we are quite familiar with everything about a glass reactor. But for customers who are new to this equipment and field, they may wonder what glass reactors are used for? So today, Henan lanphan will summarize the uses of a glass reactor for you. I hope this article can help you a lot.

glass reactor
                                                            Glass Reactor

Actually, there are a great variety of reactors, such as glass-lined reactor, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, magnetic stirring reactor, electric heating reactor, steam reactor and other reactors. Though the glass reactor is only a one type of them, it is generally regarded as a commonly used one. It possesses a great number of advantages, which is not only corrosion and high temperature resistant but quite sanitary. The basic principle of a glass reactor is to stir the reaction, control the reflux and evaporation of the solution in a sealed container under constant temperature and normal or negative pressure. There are single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer glass reactors.

Uses of a Glass Reactor

The uses of a glass reactor can be concluded as follows: high temperature reaction (the max temperature can reach 300℃), low temperature reaction (the min temperature can reach -80℃), vacuum for negative pressure reaction, solvent synthesis at constant temperature, distillation and reflux reaction, vacuum distillation reaction, extraction separation reaction, purified reaction, concentration reaction, stirring reaction. Users can adjust the temperature and pressure for different experimental environment according to different operation conditions and requirements.

glass reactor
glass reactor

The glasses reactor is widely used. It is a commonly used biochemistry instrument in industry and widely used in modern fine chemical, scientific research experiments, biological pharmacy, college and technical secondary school, etc. It is the ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, production, pilot test. The glass reactors in our company are of high quality, with a moderate price. We can also provide after-sales service.

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