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cbd distillation temperature

  cbd boiling point under vacuum As we all know, boiling point can be changed under different circumstances. For example, when cbd which is the main component of marijuana is under vacuum, the boiling point of it will be changed. Because the boiling point of the liquid is proportional to the pressure of the space gas. […]

Fractional distillation of cannabinoids

  How to make distillate Making distillate means separating two or more kinds of solvents which are mixed in one mixture. In industry, there are so many examples of making distillate, for example, fractional distillation of cannabinoids、the extraction of alcohol and so on. Then how to make distillate correctly questions many users. Today let’s go through […]

Short path distillation procedure

  Short path distillation procedure Short path distillation is a device used to separate solvents by evaporation. The whole short path distillation equipment works under vacuum for the whole time. Now let’s go through the specific procedure of short path distillation together, that is as follows: 01. Sample will be placed in the glass reactor where […]

Rotary evaporator vapour

  Application of rotary evaporator in industry In industry, there are so many materials and compounds which need to be extracted to get pure individual substance. There are several efficient lab devices for extracting solvents and rotary evaporator is one of them. Rotary evaporator is a device used to extract solvents through evaporation. It has different […]

Falling film evaporator

  What is falling film evaporator? Falling film evaporator is a device used to separate different solvents through evaporation. It is widely used in chemical、industrial and some other fields. It offers a higher efficiency and safety for users from different fields. It works under the condition of vacuum and gravity, and mixtures can get heated evenly […]

evaporative system

Evaporator system components As we all know, rotary evaporator equipment is a whole system and there are several components within it. There are four parts in rotary evaporator: evaporation part、condensing part、receiving part、vacuum part. Evaporation part Evaporation part is an essential part in the whole system. In this part, evaporation flask is to make solvents be evaporated […]

Evaporator accessory

Rotary Evaporator accessory Receiving flask: a device used to collect solvents. Condenser: a device used to condense gaseous solvents matching with chiller. Motor: a device powered by electricity used to supply motive power for the whole rotary evaporator equipment. Evaporation flask: a device used to contain sample and keep rotating to facilitate evaporation by enlarging […]

Rotary evaporator parts and function

  Parts of rotary evaporator and their functions There are four parts in the whole rotary evaporator equipment – condensing part、evaporation part、vacuum pump、receiving part. Each of them is in charge of different work. Following are the parts of rotary evaporator and their functions : 1. In the evaporation part, evaporation flask rotates in a constant speed […]

Rotary vacuum evaporator

How to install Dual condenser Rotary Vacuum Evaporators with dual receiving flask? With the rapid development of technology, more and more effective devices are invented to facilitate experiment processes in chemical labs. Rotary vacuum evaporator is one of them, which is a device used to extract solvents from sample with high efficiency through evaporation. For […]

Six steps for laboratory vacuum pump types selecting

the function of the laboratory vacuum pump is removing gas molecule from the vacuum room through reducing the vacuum room pressure to reach the required vacuum degree.Different vacuum system configurations should be selected to meet different process indexes, working efficiency, equipment working life requirements and different vacuum sections.In order to achieve the optimal configuration of […]