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Capsule Counting Machine Manual

before operation

  1. Check that the glass turntable and vibrator are both stopped.
  2. There must be no other sundries on the glass turntable and in the vibrating discharge chute.
  3. Choose the appropriate orbiter.
  4. Orbiter adjustment method.
  5. The outer orbiter and the inner orbiter should be parallel to each other.
  6. The width is slightly larger than the diameter of the tablet or capsule.
  7. Adjust the deflector so that its height is slightly greater than the thickness of the tablet.
  8. According to the bottle mouth and the size of the medicine grains, choose the appropriate lower feeding mouth.
  9. Adjust the height of the lifting plate and lock the Y-shaped positioner.
  10. Turn on the power, set the quantity, start the turntable and vibrator slowly, check whether the pills slide smoothly, and whether the digital display is correct. If everything is normal, reset the number to zero, and you can start the operation.

During Operation

If the tablet has a lot of powder, there are some plastic joints on the inner page of the door panel, which can be connected to the vacuum tube to prevent the powder from interfering with the electric eye and affecting the accuracy. When cleaning the sensor, please wipe it with a brush or cloth.


Tablet diameter: φ6mm; speed: YL—2 30~40 YL—4 35~40

Tablet diameter: φ8mm; speed: YL—2 35~50 YL—4 40~50

Tablet diameter: φ10-12mm; speed: YL—2 40~55 YL—4 50~65

Capsule: #4-#00  Speed: YL—2 45~55, YL—4 45~65

General operation, RPM: YL—2 1000-2000 Tablets; YL—4 2000-4000 Tablets

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