closed loop extractor
closed loop extractor


A closed loop extractor is a device that extracts cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and terpenes from cannabis plant material.

Closed-loop extraction systems are the safest and most efficient cannabis extraction systems for extracting cannabinoids using solvents.

Closed-loop extraction is not unusual for the cannabis industry. In recent years, this method has become a widely popular method of cannabis extraction.

The hydrocarbon solvent used to extract cannabinoids is not in contact with the external atmosphere and operates in a closed container, so it is called a closed-loop extractor.

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Solvents for closed loop extractors


The most commonly used solvents include the hydrocarbons butane, propane and ethanol.


In the cannabis extraction industry, butane is the most popular solvent. It is a low boiling non-polar hydrocarbon.


Propane has a low boiling point and can be easily purified. And propane is an excellent solvent for the extraction and preservation of most cannabis compounds.


The closed-loop system moves ethanol from the solvent tank to another container to wash the plant material to extract the concentrate. Repeat this process to dissolve cannabinoids and terpenes.

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open-loop extraction VS closed-loop extraction


With the gradual legalization of cannabis cultivation, the methods of extracting cannabis are becoming more and more diverse. The differences between open-loop extraction and closed-loop extraction are described below.

Open loop extraction

Open loop extraction is an unsealed system, during which gas may escape. This potential gas leak can pose a serious safety hazard. Gas contact with flame or spark may explode.

closed loop extraction

Unlike open-loop extraction, closed-loop extraction isolates air.

The closed-loop extraction process does not leak gas or flammable solvents, which greatly reduces the risk of explosion.

In addition, chemical solvents can be reused to save costs.

The closed-loop extraction method has no solvent residues and produces a cleaner, high-quality concentrate.

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Advantages of closed-loop extraction


Closed-loop extraction systems are safe, efficient, cost-effective, and produce higher quality concentrates.


Extraction is carried out in a closed-loop system without solvent leakage. The closed-loop system greatly reduces the risk of explosion compared to other extraction methods.


Closed-loop systems efficiently control temperature. Temperature directly controls the solubility of cannabinoids. The closed loop extraction system also prevents solvent leakage.

Saving costs

The closed-loop extraction system is closed and there is no solvent leakage. Therefore, the solvent can be reused for extraction, which can save a lot of solvent procurement costs.

high quality concentrate

Due to the tightness of the closed loop system, the precise control of working pressure and temperature results in the production of the purest cannabis concentrate.

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The process of closed-loop extraction


  1. High-quality plant raw materials: The quality of the raw materials directly affects the quality of the finished concentrate. Raw materials should be stored in vacuum-sealed bags in a cool, dark place.
  2. Primary extraction: Pour the solvent into the material jar and rinse the cannabis plant material.
  3. Concentrate refining: After washing, the concentrateis further refined.
  4. Collect the concentrate and remove cannabis residues: Transfer the cannabis concentrate to a suitable container. Open the used cartridge, remove the cannabis residue from it.
  5. Cleaning the equipment.

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