What is Glass Lined Reactor

Glass-lined reactors have the stability of glass, the strength of metal containers, and corrosion resistance.

The glass-lined enamel containing high silica is lined on the inner surface of the steel reactor, and then fired at high temperature to firmly adhere to the metal surface. Thus, a glass-lined reactor was produced.

Glass Lined Reator Benefits

The smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

High-quality steel plate; enamel and steel can be closely combined after firing.

The combination of glass and steel materials makes it widely used and cost-effective.

Corrosion resistance acid and alkali, work under high temperature and high pressure.

The outer steel plate guarantees the strength of the device, and the inner glass lining ensures a smooth, pollution-free surface.

What is Glass Lined Reactor Use for?

Glass-lined reactors are widely used in petrochemical, light industry, medicine, pesticide, food, dye and scientific research and other fields.

It is essentially a “pressure cooker”, and the reaction material is converted into the desired substance under a specific temperature and pressure in a closed state.

The glass-lined reactors of Henan Lanphan Industrial Co., Ltd. are widely praised by customers, and customers can choose from 50L-1000L.

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