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What is closed loop extractor

Closed loop extractor is a device used to extract solvents from solid's a loop system. It is widely used in cannabis concentrates in industry. In the whole process, there are several parts serving the extraction of solvents. Solvents can be used and recycled in the closed loop extractor, which is very economic for users and very environment-protecting for people.

The function and use of closed loop extractor

The function of closed loop extractor is mostly to extract solvents from solid substance. And it is widely and mainly used in industry, for example, the extraction of cannabis, which is extracting cannabis from cannabis leaves by ethanol’s washing.With the rapid development of industry, the extraction of cannabis by ethanol’s washing becomes more and more popular around the world. Now let us introduce the use of closed loop extractor on extraction of cannabis by ethanol’s washing for you :The extraction of cannabis by ethanol’s washing is to extract cannabinoid from cannabis leaves through closed loop extractor by ethanol’s washing. In the process, cannabis leaves will be put into solvent and fully washed by ethanol. During the washing process, the cannabinoid which is soluble will be removed out and then collected in the collection tank. The production of cannabinoid has two using ways, the one is used as medicine and the other one is used as entertainment supplies.

The accessories of closed loop extractor

01. High pressure food grade hoses: the tube used to transfer liquid phase butane02. Solvent tank: the container used to contain solvents03. Product tubes: the tube used to transfer production04. Collection chamber: the container used to collect oil05. Recovery pump:used to provide pressure to recover the solvents06. Material column: the reactor that cannabis gets extracted

How does a closed loop extractor work?

The procedure and structure of closed loop extractor is very complicated, so it is always hard for users to operate it correctly. Then now let us go through the whole working process of closed loop extractor together:01.Closed loop extractor works from the top of it. Users put the cannabis into the top-fill input, then solvent washes the cannabis in the material column, and oil gets collected as it passes over the material.02.Solvents with oil will be collected into the collection chamber under the material column.03.Solvents will be evaporated and recycled in the collection chamber and oil will be left in the collection chamber.