Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-4
Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-4

As its name suggests, the rosin heat press machine is a press device to extract rosin by utilizing heat as well as pressure. It is generally considered as the easiest and the most economical extraction technology, which is quite widely used both at people’s home and in commercial field. The following parts will further explain something about a rosin heat press machine.

What is Rosin?

The rosin refers to a solid form of resin obtained from pines and other conifers, which is usually semi-transparent in nature and varies in color from yellow to black. As a kind of solvent-free oil, it is made by exposing plant materials to both high temperature and high pressure. It’s well recognized that the rosin is a quite pure cannabis concentrate that contains the lowest amount of harmful substances among solvent-free concentrates. More importantly, the method to extract rosin is one of the known technologies for maintaining full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenoids that may be exist in cannabis plants.

Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-1
Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-1

How does a Rosin Heat Press Work?

The working process of a rosin heat press can be roughly concluded as follows. The two heated plates are pressed down onto each other, so that the enough force is generated to press the plant material that is enclosed in rosin pouches or parchment paper at high pressure. The resinous glands, containing all of the plant cannabinoids, can be loosened. At the same time, the cannabinoids will be effectively squeezed from the plant by high pressure. In the basic process of producing the rosin, no solvent is used so that there is no man-made chemicals in concentrates and no change in the flavor of rosin.

How Many Types of Rosin Heat Presses are there?

There are mainly six types of rosin heat presses in terms of the mechanism, as follows:

  1. DIY Rosin Heat Press: It’s commonly used in the past. But with the growing demand for rosin, more sophisticated and efficient rosin heat presses have appeared.
  2. Hand Rosin Heat Press: Requiring no air compressor or pump to operate, it uses a hand crank or twist-type mechanism to press your material.
  3. Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press: It is one of the most commonly used rosin heat presses, which need an air compressor or external rosin pump to drive a hydraulic ram in order to operate. It usually can generate a quite high pressure.
  4. Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press: It need to use an air compressor to drive the pneumatic cylinder. Its main advantages are the even weight distribution and oil-free cylinder, which can minimize any maintenance.
  5. Electric Rosin Heat Press: It’s pretty convenient to use a electric rosin heat press, because it not only doesn’t need an air compressor or external pump, but only need plug in the power supply.
  6. Mixed-Type Rosin Heat Press: As its name suggests, it is a rosin heat press machine combined two or more mechanisms.
Hand Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-2
Hand Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-2

What is the Optimal Temperature for Pressing Rosin?

The ideal temperature depends on the types of starting materials and the duration of pressing to a large extent. At low temperature (150-220°F), it has a relatively lower yield, but a high content of terpenes, stronger flavor and more stable and solid product. At a relatively high temperature(220-250°F), it may have a relatively high yield, but a lower content of terpenes, more subtle flavor, and light material.

Recommended Temperature and Time for use:

What is the Ideal Pressure for Pressing Rosin?

The optimal pressure is determined by the types of starting materials and the press machine used. At high pressure, the material can be pressed at a relatively low temperature and the time can be reduced. It should be noticed that there is no benefit after reaching a certain pressure point. The excessive pressure may cause that the rosin is contaminated by the plant material. Thus the proper pressure should be selected according to the types of starting materials and the press machine used.

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