CJB-A Plate Type Magnetic Stirrer

What does Stirrer Mean?

In a narrow sense, the stirrer is known as the stirring paddle and the stirring impeller as well, which is the key component of stirring reaction equipment. It can provide the energy and suitable flow state required by the stirring process. But in general, a stirrer can be used to refer to the stirring equipment. A magnetic stirrer is one of the mostly used stirrers.

What is a Magnetic Stirrer?

A magnetic stirrer refers to a laboratory stirring device that can create a rotating magnetic field so that the liquid can be stirred automatically and quickly by a magnetic stirring bar. There are many types of magnetic stirrers. In addition to the functions of stirring and heating, the equipment is generally equipped with other functions as well, such as temperature control and timing. Magnetic stirrers are often classified in terms of the additional functions, including magnetic stirrers, heating magnetic stirrers, constant temperature heating magnetic stirrers, digital display temperature control magnetic stirrers, and other types.

ZNCL-DL 5-Position Intelligent Electric Heating Magnetic Stirrer

Uses of a Magnetic Stirrer

A magnetic stirrer is a laboratory device that can create a rotating magnetic field so that the liquid can be stirred automatically and quickly by a magnetic stirring bar. It is commonly used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, environmental protection and other fields. It has a simple operation, and the stirring speed and direction can be adjusted according to the requirements of users. The basic working principle is that like magnetic fields repel each other while unlike ones attract. The magnetic stirrer placed in the container is pushed by the magnetic field for circular operation to stir liquid. With the heating temperature control system, it can heat and control the temperature of the sample according to the specific experimental requirements, and maintain the temperature condition required by the experiment, ensuring that the mixed liquid meets the experimental requirements.

How do You Sterilize a Magnetic Stirrer?

A magnetic stirrer can be cleaned and sterilized by using warm water, mild detergents and even alcohol given consideration to its materials. But it is required to wipe the alcohol off the surface immediately when a magnetic stirrer is cleaned by alcohol. The magnetic stir bar is a permanent magnet and a PTFE stir bar generally. Though it has many excellent properties, such as high and low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, it is suggested that the magnetic stir bar shouldn’t be sterilized by using high temperature under normal condition, which will influence its magnetism. There is no doubt that it can be sterilized by using the temperature of 100℃.

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