Sometimes, we need to separate a mixture in order to obtain its pure component, which is actually known as separation. There are mainly three types of separation, including the solid-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation, and gas-liquid separation. They generally applies different separation methods.

What is Separation Technology?

Separation technology refers to separate a mixture into two or more than two purer components, generally consisting of extraction and purification. The separation can be physical, chemical, and the combination of them. The physical separation makes use of different physical properties of components, such as distillation and extraction. The chemical separation utilizes different chemical properties of components and realizes the separation purpose through the chemical reaction process.

What are the Different Methods of Separation?

  Solid-Liquid Separation

The solid-liquid separation can be roughly divided into settlement separation and filtration separation. On this basis, it can be subdivided into several devices in terms of different driving forces. But centrifuges can be used for both settlement separation and filtration separation. It is a extremely popular and effective solid-liquid extraction technique, and widely used in many fields, such as the chemical engineering, petroleum, food processing, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, carbon, water treatment, nuclear energy industry and shipbuilding, and other fields.

Ethanol Extraction Equipment

  Liquid- Liquid Separation

The liquid-liquid separation can be achieved by extracting the substance from the water phase to the organic phase through appropriate treatment according to the different affinity of substances for water. The separating funnels are generally adopted in laboratory for liquid-liquid separation, which are classified into pear-shaped funnels and round-shaped funnels.

  Gas-Liquid Separation

There are many gas-liquid separation methods, such as gravity settlement, baffle separation, centrifugal separation, screen separation, ultra-filtration separation, packing separation and other methods. Among these methods, the gravity settlement utilizes different proportion of gas and liquid. When liquid flows with gas, the liquid will suffer a greater gravitational force to create a downward velocity while gas flows along the original direction. That is to say, liquid and gas tend to separate in the gravitational field. The downward liquid will be attached to the wall, which gets together to be discharged by the discharge tube.

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