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Ethanol can be used on the extraction of  vegetable oil,ethanol extraction cost low

Extraction equipment

ethanol extraction equipment


Extraction equipment

Solvent extraction equipment



The working principle of the extraction equipment is to rely on the high speed operationof the rotor inside the centrifuge to generate powerful centrifugal force. Thecentrifugal force causes the particles in the liquid material to precipitatetogether and become operational. Then, due to the difference of thesedimentation coefficient of the particles in the liquid and the buoyancy anddensity, different materials will be separated and then collected separately.Centrifuge is widely used in major industrial production fields – such asmedical, electronics, cutting and other important fields.

How does an industrial centrifuge work

Within the industrial centrifuge equipment main reacting column, the suspension is initially stationary. With the opening of the centrifuge, due to the high-speed rotation of the gravity field (rotor) of the centrifuge, the

suspension also rotates, causing the fine particles in the suspension to gradually sink and float. The heavier the particles are, the faster the particles sink. The speed under the gravity field of a centrifuge is affected by

many conditions, such as the size, shape and density of the particles in the suspension, as well as the strength of the rotor rotation and the viscosity between the liquid particles.


Industrial centrifuge separator is also called industrial centrifuge equipment, which is a separation method used for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid to separate different substances. Industrial centrifuge separator separates substances with different sizes, densities and shapes through the centrifugal force. And the stronger the centrifugal force is, the better the result will be.


Since industrial centrifuge has been invented, it also keeps updating for meeting people’s higher requirements. Humans have to further increase the speed of the centrifuge, from ultra-speed to ultra-high speed, to meet the needs of the analysis of general low molecular organics. With the continuous improvement and innovation of FM motor technology, it is the direction of future research to improve the speed of ultracentrifuge.


Industrial centrifuge has several kinds of centrifuge with different specifications and parameters. Industrial centrifuge can be divided into filter centrifuge and decanter centrifuge according to their applications. What’s more, there are more dividing methods, for example, industrial centrifuges can be divided into vertical, horizontal, inclined, overhang and three-legged according to installation methods; industrial centrifuges can be divided into intermittent centrifuge and consecutive centrifuge according to operating methods.

  Industrial centrifuge filter

The centrifuge filter is installed in the small hole, and the large hole is installed in the outer installation manner. The filtrate enters from the small hole first, and exits from the large hole. The suspension is taken out by

centrifugation, and the solid is left in the drum. In this way, the centrifuges will get a longer life, because the flow is quite fluent.

  Centrifuge used in food-processing field

Centrifuge is widely used in industrial field, and besides, it is also widely used in food-processing field. For example, the extraction of starch from starch liquid; the extraction of skimmed milk from milk; the purification of milk through removing particulate solid substances; the extraction of milk from aerosol and so on. In food-processing field, the centrifuge that is widely used consists of tube centrifuge and plate centrifuge.