Water Bath vs Oil Bath

oil bath
oil bath

Both water bath and oil bath are commonly used constant temperature heating equipment in laboratories. They are widely used in distillation, drying, concentration, etc. They can also be used for constant temperature heating and other temperature experiments. They are necessary equipment for education, scientific research and medical experiments.

Common Ground

Both water bath and oil bath (the full name is electric heating constant temperature water bath, electric heating constant temperature oil bath) can be used for sample distillation, drying, concentration, impregnation and other tests, in petrochemical, metallurgy, medical and health, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields Wide range of applications.

Both are heated by electric heating, and both can maintain a constant temperature.

Both have single-hole, porous and other equipment types to choose from.


  1. Different materials: The oil bath requires higher heat resistance of the materials used in the equipment due to the high heating temperature. Generally speaking, compared with the water bath, the heating tube of the oil bath is thicker, the power is higher, and the parameters of the temperature control instrument are wider.
  2. The heat transfer medium is different: as the name implies, the heat transfer medium of the water bath is water, and the heat transfer medium of the oil bath is oil. Generally speaking, the oil used in the oil bath is high temperature heat transfer oil such as methyl silicone oil or dimethyl silicone oil.
  3. Different temperature settings: The water bath is kept constant with water, and the temperature is within 100 degrees Celsius. The oil bath uses oil to keep the temperature constant, and the temperature is generally within 300 degrees Celsius.
  4. The oil bath can be used as a water bath, as long as the heat transfer medium is replaced with water. However, the water bath cannot be used as an oil bath.
  5. Different prices: The overall price of oil baths is generally higher than that of water baths.

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