Product Description

The pilot-scale vacuum freeze dryer simplifies the drying process, avoids material pollution, and realizes the automation of drying and sublimation.

The ZLGJ-20 freeze dryer has shelf heating and programmable functions, and is equipped with a USB socket for easy observation of the freeze drying process.

Product Features

  1. The door of the drying chamber and the door of the cold trap are made of aviation acrylic material, with high strength and no leakage.
  2. Seven-inch true color industrial touch screen, high control precision, stable performance and simple operation.
  3. Well-known brand compressor, high efficiency and energy saving, more stable operation.
  4. High vacuum safety diaphragm pump is used for the inflation valve and water discharge valve; inert gas can be connected to prolong the shelf life of the material.
  5. With manual and automatic two modes.
  6. The visual window is convenient to detect the temperature of the partition, the temperature of the cold trap, the degree of vacuum, etc.
  7. With data recording, exporting and other modes.
  8. Temperature control method: standard temperature rise and fall, smooth temperature control.
  9. Freeze-drying curves such as vacuum degree and temperature can be viewed at any time.
  10. User level authority password can be set to enter operation management by authority.
  11. The machine can store 40 sets of freeze-drying processes, and each set of processes can be set to 36 stages.
  12. The machine has fast defrosting speed and high safety performance.

Product Parameters

Product Model ZLGJ-20 vacuum freeze dryer
Freeze dried area 0.3㎡
Cold Trap Coil Temperature <-75℃(no-load)
Ultimate vacuum <10pa (no-load)
pumping rate 4L/S
water capture capacity 4kg/24h
Cooling method Air cooling
defrosted mode high temperature defrosting
weight 323kg
dimension 800mmx800mmx1550mm
power 3500w
Material tray 3pcs, 265mmx395mmx30mm
Tray temp range -50℃-70℃
Power supply 220v 50hz
Working temperature 10℃-30℃
Relative humidity ≤70%
Transport ambient temperature -40℃-50℃

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