General operation process of freeze drying

freeze dryer

Before freeze-drying

(1) Connecting the freeze dryer correctly ;
(2)Adding Material into plate (liquid sample is poured directly,Solid materials are laid flat);Close the drain charge valve clockwise.
(3)Putting plate into the freeze dryer. Closing the door and locking the handle;

 Start freeze drying

(4)Make sure the power is on correctly, then click the main power switch.Then you can choose English or Chinese mode.
(5) After that, enter the main interface.In this interface, you can monitor parameters such as temperature, vacuum, etc.
(6) In main interface, touching “Formula” button and getting in;There are 3 recipes for your choice. Formula NO.0 : Meat, Formula NO.1 : Fruits & vegetables, Formula NO.2 : Liquid.
You can also set your own recipe recipes, save and apply. After selecting the recipe, click the “return” button to return to the main interface.
(7) In main interface, touching “Manual” button and getting in; Click “Refrigerator OFF”.The following words will appear on the screen:
Please check! 1. Load the food or product into the freeze dryer. 2. Lock the door. 3. Close the water discharge and inflation valve.
Check it out and click “Continue”
Click “Auto OFF”. Then “Caution! The system will automatically program” will appear on the screen. Then click “Continue”.
(8) After some time, the drying process is over. Open the vent valve at first, then close vacuum pump, close temperature control and freeze system (Click “Refrigerator ON”).

After freeze-drying

(9) If you are not in a hurry to use the freeze dryer again, you can defrost it at room temperature. Otherwise lock the cabin door and click “Defrost OFF” button in Manual interface.
(10)Place freeze-dried food in an airtight container, preferably vacuum packed to prevent moisture and air from entering
Note: Due to the specific characteristics of the material, and the thickness of the material is different, the user should be tested to determine the appropriate freeze drying process to ensure that the material is completely dry.