A medical refrigerator, known as ultra-low temperature medical freezer or refrigerator as well, is a type of medical refrigerators in the medical industry. It is generally regarded as a professional laboratory instrument for storing medicines that requires refrigeration.

What are Uses of a Medical Freezer?

Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Freezer (Vertical Type)

An ultra-low temperature freezer is primarily used in the scientific research institution, ultra-low temperature experiments, electronic industry, chemical industry, military industry, university experiments, biological engineering, ocean fishing and other industries.

It can store biological materials, test reagents and laboratory materials, such as dry ice, medicines, vaccines, DNA, RNA, virus samples, organs, serums and other materials.

It can even store blue-fin tunas, yellow-fin tunas, big-eye tunas, peony shrimp, Arctic sweet shrimp, Antarctic shrimp, Norwegian salmon, Japanese Guandong sea cucumber, Kamiya beef, Ise lobster, Boston lobster, Australian lobster, Alaska king crab, abalone, sea cucumber, black truffle, French goose liver and so on.

How does an Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Freezer Work?

Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Freezer (Horizontal Type)

Switching on the power, the first stage compressor will start up when the temperature displayed on the panel is higher than the set temperature. The first stage refrigeration system starts working as well, which makes the temperature of the condenser of the second stage refrigeration system drop. That is, the refrigerant temperature of the second stage drops.

After a delay of a few minutes, the second stage refrigeration system starts working as well. Its evaporator is installed inside the freezer, which cools it down a lot. All the heat discharged by the condenser of the second stage refrigeration system is absorbed by the evaporator of the first stage refrigeration system, which will discharge the heat into air.

When the temperature inside a freezer reaches the set temperature, the temperature sensing probe resistance deliver this information to make the relay disconnect. Both first and second stage refrigeration systems stop working.

The ultra-low temperature medical freezer will repeat the above operation process when the temperature in the freezer rises again and exceeds the set temperature, so the temperature in the freezer can always maintain at about set temperature.

How to Maintain an Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Freezer?

  1. Clean it once a month to ensure its cleanliness.
  2. Check the following aspects when one alarm is activated:

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