What is an ULT Freezer?

The ULT freezer is the abbreviation of the ultra-low temperature freezer, which is a common type of medical freezers. It is typically used for the storage of drugs, enzymes, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, tissue samples and other items with a temperature range of -45℃ to -86℃. There are a great variety of sizes of ULT freezers, which depends on available floor space and how much storage is needed.

How Many Types of ULT Freezers there?

In terms of their shapes, there are mainly two types of ULT freezers.

  1. Upright ULT Freezer

Upright ULT Freezer

It possesses a humanization designs. For example, new exterior door handle design conforms to the human engineering mechanics, and the removable internal door is easy for daily defrosting and cleaning. The adjustable stainless steel shelf is convenient to regulate its size, which can greatly save space. Furthermore, the easily detachable dust-proof net design of the condenser is convenient for daily maintenance.

  2. Chest ULT Freezer

Chest ULT Freezer

It tends to be used for safe long-term storage of lesser-used items. The food-grade stainless steel inner liner is uneasy to rust, and the safety can be guaranteed. The built-in stainless steel shelf is flexible and convenient to use and easy to clean. The safety door lock design can prevent random opening. And the heavy duty caster design can also help you move it conveniently.

How does an ULT Freezer Work?

An ULT freezer adopts cascade refrigerating system. There are generally two fully enclosed compressors served as high and low temperature compressors. Switching on the power, the first stage compressor will start up when the temperature displayed on the panel is higher than the set temperature. The first stage refrigeration system starts working as well, which makes the temperature of the condenser of the second stage refrigeration system drop. That is, the refrigerant temperature of the second stage drops. After a delay of a few minutes, the second refrigeration system starts working as well. Its evaporator is installed inside the freezer, which cools it down a lot. All the heat discharged by the condenser of the second stage refrigeration system is absorbed by the evaporator of the first stage refrigeration system, which will discharge the heat into air. When the temperature inside a freezer reaches the set temperature, the temperature sensing probe resistance deliver this information to make the relay disconnect. Both first and second stage refrigeration systems stop working.

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