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A diaphragm vacuum pump is a new generation of high-tech product, with the advanced design, high efficiency and long service life. It is not only an accessory product of the precision chromatography instrument but also one of the essential instrument in laboratories, widely used in the application scenarios of the water circulating vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump as well as the medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, fine chemical, biochemical pharmaceutical, food inspection, criminal investigation technology and other fields.

How does a Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Work?

There is a elastic diaphragm installed on the eccentric shaft. Driven by the motor, the elastic diaphragm can do straight reciprocating motion, which causes the cavity to deform so that the mediums can be pumped in and out. The transmission can be realized without any contamination due to the pump is completely oil-free during the process of transfer, evacuation and compression.

A diaphragm vacuum pump can work continuously for 24 hours without worrying about the termination of test due to overheating of pump itself. It can realize the pollution-free medium transmission, vacuum extraction and pressure compression.

What are Advantages of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump?

1. High corrosion resistance.

The total teflon diaphragm vacuum pump is resistant to any strong chemical corrosion, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chloroform, bromide water, dichloromethane, benzene, toluene and other chemical corrosions.

2. Ultra-high vacuum degree.

The vacuum degree is ultra-high and is easy to be controlled accurately and stably. The solvents with high boiling point, such as DMSO and DMF, can be rapidly evaporated as well so that the working efficiency can be greatly improved.

3. Complete recovery of solvent.

A diaphragm vacuum pump can completely recover solvents, and efficiently remove poisonous and harmful organic solvents, reducing environmental contamination as well as doing less harm to operators. The mixed solvents can also be highly recycled and utilized by the pump.

4. No water and oil.

A diaphragm vacuum pump is a kind of dry pump without water and oil, making labs much cleaner and more silent. Operators needn’t clean and maintain the pump regularly.

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