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What is a Diaphragm Vacuum Pump?

A diaphragm vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical vacuum pump without the use of oil or liquid. It a new generation of high-tech product, with the advanced design, high efficiency and long service life.

What is a Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Used For?

It is not only an accessory product of the precision chromatography instrument but also one of the essential instrument in laboratories, widely used in the application scenarios of the water circulating vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump as well as the medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, fine chemical, biochemical pharmaceutical, food inspection, criminal investigation technology and other fields.

Application Scenario:

Features of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

  1. It doesn’t require any working medium (no oil), without pollution. Meanwhile, there is the filter material inside the gas exchange chamber, ensuring the air purity.
  2. It adopts new technology and new material in the production. It can move conveniently and work smoothly, maintaining a ideal vacuum degree and higher air velocity.
  3. Its special motor has passed European CE certification, offered by ODM who is a professional manufacturer of motors. With a reasonable rotation design and temperature protector, the motor can cut off power automatically when the temperature of the pump reaches 130℃, and the motor can be protected from damage under long-term operation.
  4. It adopts frictionless diaphragm movement, producing no heat and having no friction losses. The diaphragm uses the imported rubber, with the anti-corrosion property and long service life.
  5. There is an automatic cooling exhaust system inside the vacuum pump, ensuring the continuous operation for 24 hours.
  6. The design of adjustable pressure is adopted, meeting the vacuum degree and gas flow rate in a certain range.
  7. It adopts imported bearings, with a stable operation, low noise and high efficiency.
  8. The part of anti-corrosion pump exposed to the gas are made of Teflon, possessing complete chemical resistance.
  9. With a small capacity and light weight, it’s capable of moving conveniently, saving laboratory space, and maintain conveniently.

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