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How to Extract Essential Oils from Plants?

Essential Oils play an important role in people’s daily life. Not only are they anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, but they can be used to relief pressure, calm and ease people’s negative emotions, and reduce people’s anxiety and fear. So what are essential oils and how to extract them from plants? What are Essential Oils? Essential […]

What is Cannabis Distillation and How does it Work?

The cannabis is generally required to be further distilled after being extracted from the hemp plant in order to get a purer product with CBD or THC content of more than 90%. As the demands for cannabis distillation increases, it’s necessary to know what cannabis distillation is and how it works. What is Cannabis Distillation? […]

When is Short Path Distillation Used?

The short path distillation is one of the most high-efficiency distillation techniques in people’s using, which can solve the problem that conventional distillation technology can’t. It is widely used in food, medicine, fine chemicals, electronic materials, plastic engineering and polymers (such as polyols, fatty acids, polyphenols, polyurethane, epoxy resins, lactic acid, monoglycerides, flavors, heavy oils […]

Six Steps for the Selecting of Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

The function of the laboratory vacuum pump is to remove gas molecule from the vacuum room through reducing the vacuum room pressure to reach the required vacuum degree. Different vacuum system configurations should be selected to meet different process indexes, working efficiency, equipment working life requirements and different vacuum sections. In order to achieve the […]

How do You Maintain a Vacuum Pump?

The vacuum pump is a common device to create or maintain the required vacuum level. It generally has a greatly wide application areas as a accessory equipment for other laboratory devices. It is greatly essential to maintain a vacuum pump properly, which can not only ensure its excellent working performance, but extend its service life. […]