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2XZ Rotary vane vacuum pump operating instructions

2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump

Lanphan 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is a bipolar vacuum pump with high speed direct connection.It is one of the basic equipment used to remove gas from the sealed container.The pump of 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is connected to the motor shaft with the advantage of high rotation speed,small size,compact structure,mobile working convenience.This article […]

Vacuum pump corrosion hazard and repair measures

vacuum pump

From the current market feedback,the utilization rate of vacuum pump has greatly improved.However, how to solve some small problems of the vacuum pump? The use of vacuum pumps is generally in a relatively harsh working environment, which inevitably corrodes the vacuum pump.then how to deal with these problems?Now lanphan will introduce you in detail how […]

What are the usage precautions of the rotary vane vacuum pump?

rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a basic equipment for pumping sealing equipment.Lanphan 2XZ Rotary vacuum pump’s pump connects with motor with the advantage of high rotary speed,compact and beautiful in appearance,flowing work is convenient.the service life of Rotary vane vacuum pump can be lengthen with some skills.Now,let’s learn some precautions when using the Rotary vane […]