The cannabis is generally required to be further distilled after being extracted from the hemp plant in order to get a purer product with CBD or THC content of more than 90%. As the demands for cannabis distillation increases, it’s necessary to know what cannabis distillation is and how it works.

What is Cannabis Distillation?

It is generally recognized that cannabis distillation is a post-processing technique done subsequent to an initial solvent-based extraction. The solvent-based extraction is the process of extracting the active compounds from the hemp plant. The crude oil, with CBD or THC purity above 50%, can be obtained during the initial extraction process. It must be purified in order to maximize the cannabinoid content of the final product and eliminate contaminates and superfluous byproducts. The fatty byproducts, such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll, can be separated out by winterisation. Then decarboxylation can subject the concentrate to heat so that the cannabinoids can be activated.

How does Cannabis Distillation Work?

2L Short-Path Distillation

The cannabis distillation can adopt the short path distillation equipment. It is one of the most high-efficiency distillation techniques in people’s using, which can solve the problem that conventional distillation technology can’t. It is especially suitable for cannabis distillation. It applies heat, humidity and pressure to cannabis extract in order to separate out impurities and residual solvent. As the fragrant compounds that give cannabis its flavour, terpenes can be removed from the concentrate and infused back into the final product after completing the distillation process.

The specific distillation process can be described as follows:

  1. Sample will be placed in the glass reactor where heating mantle heats. Solvents get to evaporate by heating mantle’s working. And then the gas solvents will be transferred into the condensing part.
  2. Evaporated solvents will be turned into liquid from gas by condenser’s working. Condensing part consists of two parts, which are low temperature coolant circulation pump and condenser.
  3. After gas solvents are turned into liquid solvents, the liquid solvents will keep going and arriving at receiving flasks. There are always two receiving flasks. Different gas solvents with different cooling point will be turned into liquid under different temperatures, and then go into different receiving flasks.

Difference between CBD and THC

Both CBD and THC are two natural compounds found in the hemp plant, with nearly same physical and chemical properties. But they don’t have the same psychoactive effects. The CBD doesn’t produce the high associated with THC. The CBD isn’t addictive, and it has anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and other pharmacological effects. As well, it can eliminate the hallucinogenic effects of THC, known as an anti-drug compound.

How to Install 20L Short Path Distillation for CBD and THC?

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