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It’s necessary to know how to use and maintain a water circulating vacuum pump properly and correctly in order to maintain its good working performance, improve its working efficiency and extend its service life. So what should we do?

Precautions for Using a Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

The correct use of the equipment is regarded as the first matter to control the change of technical state and delay the decline of working ability. There are some precautions for using a water circulating vacuum pump better.

  1. Add water firstly before starting up. Don’t run the machine idle.
  2. Preparation work. During the first use, open the the upper cover of the pump tank to inject clean cold water. Stop adding water when the water is about to reach the level of the water buoy. It needn’t add water for reboot. The water should be replaced at least once a week. The time to change the water can be shortened if the water is polluted seriously or the utilization rate is high. The ultimate goal is to keep the water in the tank clean.
  3. Vacuum operation. Closely connect the suction casing pipe of the equipment that need a vacuum condition to the suction nozzle of this pump. Ensuring that the switch of the circulating water is turned off, connect to the power supply and turn on the power switch. The vacuum operation starts. The vacuum degree can be observed through the vacuum gauge.
  4. When the pump need work continuously for a long time, the water temperature in the water tank will rise, influencing the vacuum degree. By this time, connect the water outlet hose to tap water so that the water temperature won’t rise to keep the vacuum degree stable.
  5. When the pump need provide circulating cooling water for reaction device, respectively connect the inlet and outlet hoses of the reaction device to the circulating water inlet and outlet nozzles at the back of the pump. Turn the circulating water switch to the position of “ON” to realize the supply of circulating cooling water.
Vertical Type Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

How to Maintain a Water Circulating Vacuum Pump?

The maintenance of the device is the basis of every work, such as management, use, care and repair, and is also one of the main responsibilities of operators. It is a kind of active prevention. There is maintenance knowledge about a water circulating vacuum pump, hoping it will be helpful for you.

  1. Keeping water clean is the key for the pump to work stably for a long time. Replace water and clean the water tank regularly. The dust and solid matter can’t be pumped.
  2. Some corrosive gases may pollute water in the tank to generate bubbles and influence vacuum degree. So the water should be changed continuously. For strongly corrosive gas, carefully judge if it will react with the material used by the pump and use it cautiously.

Practice has proved that the correct use and proper maintenance of pumps play an important role in extending their service life. Don’t ignore these things.

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