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What’s the working principle of the rotary evaporator?

As a common evaporator in laboratory and production, rotary evaporator has been widely recognized for its excellent distillation and extraction performance.Today the staff of Lanphan will introduce the working principle and structural features of the rotary evaporator.I hope this article can help users make better use of our products. What’s the working principle of the […]

How can the rotary evaporator be used safely?

The use of a rotary evaporator is not only careful during the distillation process, but also during the operation.The modern rotary evaporator is not only the standard configuration of laboratory in medicine, chemical industry and biopharmaceutical industry, but also plays an important role in the processing of high-value samples. Due to the use of liquid and […]

What’s the operation procedure of the rotary evaporator?

rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is a necessary instrument for distillation and extraction in scientific research,the evaporation velocity depends on three conditions:vacuum, water temperature and cooling water temperature.Specifically, the main factor is that the higher degree of vacuum, the faster the evaporation rate, the vacuum degree (when the water evaporates) is ≥0.096 MPa; the second is that the […]

Rotor vane vacuum pump wear cause and repair method

Just as books wrinkle when they are read for a long time, sweaters pilling when they are worn for a long time, and shoes break when they are worn for a long time.Mechanical products are no exception,any mechanical product will wear out when it has been working for a long time.Let’s discuss with Lanphan about […]

Which domestic rotary evaporator is of good quality and cost-effective

We often use rotary evaporation instruments in chemical experiments. The quality of a rotary evaporator will have a certain impact on the efficiency of our work. If we use a poor quality rotary evaporator, and often have quality problems. Then, our work is in the process of repairing the rotary evaporator every day, wasting our […]

How to use the electric heating mantle correctly

heating mantle

As a kind of heating instrument commonly used in laboratories, electric heating mantle reduce the heating time of experimental objects and reduce the consumption of energy. This responds to the era of sustainable development and advocates the era of energy saving and emission reduction.we often see the electric heating mantles in lab,the how to use […]

The precautions of using the electric heating mantle

heating mantle

As the saying goes, the man is just what his name shows, and this truth is also reflected in the electric heating mantle.electric heating mantle,just as its name shows,Mainly heated by electronic pressure is a common heating instruments in lab.with the advantage of high temperature,fast heating,easy to operate, it is considered the most ideal […]

Vacuum pump corrosion hazard and repair measures

vacuum pump

From the current market feedback,the utilization rate of vacuum pump has greatly improved.However, how to solve some small problems of the vacuum pump? The use of vacuum pumps is generally in a relatively harsh working environment, which inevitably corrodes the vacuum pump.then how to deal with these problems?Now lanphan will introduce you in detail how […]

What should be paid attention to when using the glass parts of the professional glass reactor?

Professional glass reactor is a common biochemical laboratory instrument which is widely used in modern fine chemical ,biopharmacy,scientific research experiment.professional glass reactor can be used for concentration,reflux,seperation,purification,distillation and other experiments which is an ideal instrument for teaching,manufacture and experiment. In order to enable you to use the professional glass reactor safely,the precautions of using the […]