Product Description

The equipment is mainly composed of high-temperature sterilizing pot body, cover, valve, pipeline, heating circuit and safety control circuit. It is an electric heating method with high heating efficiency and fast heating speed. The device is steam sterilized. The sterilizing pot is welded by high-quality stainless steel, with a built-in stainless steel basket, a handwheel-type opening cover, a screw-type structure seal, and a translation-type opener cover.

The equipment has the functions of time control, temperature control, and buzzer reminder at the end of sterilization, which is convenient and reliable to use.

Retort-sterilizer Configuration

A piece pressure gauge for indicator

Two safety valves for the controller to ensure safe use

Four manual ball valves are used for water supply, air supply, exhaust and drainage.

An electric heating tube is used to heat the water in the pot

One computer screen is used to control the sterilization time, sterilization temperature, etc.

A power cord is used to connect the heating external power supply

Technical Parameter

Heating Method

Electrical Heating

The diameter of the pot

150L:500mm 100L:400mm

Sterilization basket size

150L: 470x390mm

100L: 370x340mm

rated working pressure

0.23 MPa

power cable

Three live wires, one neutral wire

Working power supply

380V±10%  50HZ

Rated power

100L:12kw  150L: 15kw

working pressure range

0.142-0.25 MPa

Time setting range

0-99 seconds/minute/hour

temperature setting range


Sterilization chamber volume

100L 150L


40KG 70KG

Working Environment



A well-ventilated room free of corrosive gases

Product Installation

  1. The sterilizing pot should be placed on a flat and solid ground, and no debris should be placed within 0.5 meters.
  2. Connect the power cord attached to the sterilizer with the external fixed power supply.
  3. The ground wire must be used when connecting the power supply. The terminal marked with “⊥” symbol on the lower left corner of the rear panel of the equipment is the grounding terminal.
  4. Connect the air compressor with a pressure ≥ 0.3 MPa to the anti-pressure intake valve with a pipeline.

Product Operation

  1. Lid opening and closing: When opening, first confirm that there is no pressure in the pot and open the top exhaust valve. Then unscrew the lid bolt, turn the handwheel counterclockwise to raise the lid by more than 2cm, and then move the lid forward; When closing, rotate the cover back to the top of the mouth, and then turn the handwheel clockwise to press down evenly. Then tighten the locking bolt.


  1. Open the lid of the appliance, put the item basket into the pot; then add water, observe the water level, it should cover the product. Water should not be too much. Then close the lid.
  1. Time Setting: In the standby interface, click the setting button to enter the setting interface to adjust the upper and lower limits of temperature.


  1. Sterilization: After adding water, close the lid of the pot. All valves are closed; the temperature and time are set. Turn on the “Start” switch to start the sterilization process. After the sterilization is completed, the device will automatically buzzer and alarm; then turn off the “sterilization” switch. (After the temperature rises to 90 degrees, the buzzer will sound; then manually operate the product, click the continue heating button, and the program can continue to heat and sterilize. If no one has been operating, the equipment is in a shutdown state.)
  1. After the sterilization is finished, press the stop button, and then carry out back pressure cooling. At this time, turn on the water pump and air compressor. Slowly open the water inlet valve, drain valve, and air supply valve. Observe the swing of the pointer of the pressure gauge, and adjust the flow rate of the inlet valve and the back pressure water inlet valve while keeping the pressure basically unchanged.  When the temperature in the pot drops below 65°C, close the intake valve, water intake valve, air compressor, and water pump. Let stand for 10 minutes to cool completely inside and out. Open the air release valve of the sterilizer itself, and after the pointer of the pressure gauge returns to “0”, open the lid of the sterilizer and lift up the mouth of the sterilizer to take out the product.


A: If an alarm occurs during the heating process, you must first turn off the power, open the vent valve, and drain the steam in the device. After the pointer of the pressure gauge returns to “0”, open the water inlet valve to add enough water, and then reheat according to the above instructions.

B: When the pressure exceeds 0.2Mpa and the safety valve is not opened, the power must be turned off to find out the reason. Continue to use after troubleshooting.

C: When sterilizing or cooling down, the pressure in the pot should not be lower than 0.15mpa. Avoid product swelling.


  1. If the equipment is not used according to the method specified by the company, the equipment may be damaged.

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